7 Signs A Guy Feels Rejected By You

No one likes feeling rejected. We all want to be accepted by others, so it hurts when someone says no, especially if you like them. This can make you doubt yourself and feel bad. Guys also feel the pain of rejection, just like girls do.

Rejection feels bad from family, friends, or anyone – it hurts feelings. Some guys handle it well, while others get mad or say mean things. When a guy feels rejected by you, try to understand his feelings. How can you tell if a guy feels rejected by you?

Let’s look at the signs that will you when a guy feels rejected by you:

1. He Shuns You

You might be wondering why he’s not around your usual places anymore or why he stopped texting you after you said no to hanging out. Suddenly, he’s not in touch at all – no calls, no messages. This could be because he’s feeling hurt and vulnerable from the rejection, so he’s avoiding you to protect himself.

2. He Becomes Nervous

If you start keeping your distance from him, he might worry and think you’re seeing someone else. To avoid this, you can send him messages or talk to him to reassure him. This can help stop him from feeling rejected and getting more worried.

3. He Starts Making False Claims

Sometimes, guys might tell lies to hide the fact that they were rejected. They could do this to take attention away from their feelings for you and your lack of interest. They might make up stories that make you look bad, like saying you’re talking to other guys when you’re not. If this happens, don’t ignore it. Nicely tell him that what he’s saying isn’t true and ask him to stop spreading false rumors about you.

4. He Gets Upset When He Sees You With Other Guys

Sometimes, you can tell a guy feels rejected if he gets upset or sad when he sees you with another guy. He might think you like them more than him. If he feels jealous or unhappy about this, it could mean he has feelings for you and hasn’t heard a positive response from you.

5. He Denies His Feelings For You

A clear sign that a guy feels rejected by you is if he starts denying his feelings for you. This can happen because it’s easier for him to deny his feelings when he’s already feeling rejected. Once he senses the rejection, he might start acting like you’re just friends, even though deep down, he wants more than that. If you see signs that he likes you, but he denies it, it’s likely because he’s already feeling rejected and doesn’t want to admit it.

6. He Is Scared Of Initiating A Conversation

If a guy seems anxious or nervous when talking to you, it could mean he thinks you’re becoming less close. He might have been interested in you before, but he noticed a change over time. If he’s unsure about your feelings, even if he likes you, he might hesitate to start a conversation because he’s worried it will lead to rejection.

7. He Eventually Despises You

When a guy feels hurt by your rejection, he might develop negative feelings towards you and everything associated with you. Even minor actions of yours could irritate him. He might take the rejection personally and want to retaliate in some way.

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