7 Signs He Is Fantasizing About Someone Else

Do you often wonder if your partner is daydreaming about someone else, or perhaps you’re the one having these thoughts about cheating on your partner? We all have our fantasies from time to time. It could be about someone we know well or someone we barely know.

A study says that many men and women have fantasies about someone other than their partner, especially sexual ones. It’s okay to have these thoughts sometimes. But if you or your partner can’t stop thinking about someone else and it starts causing problems in your relationship, it’s important to talk about it and find a solution to keep your relationship healthy.

1. He suddenly develops new hobbies

It’s fine for you and your partner to have your own interests, but if your partner suddenly becomes interested in things they used to dislike, like golf or science fiction, it could be a sign they’re thinking about someone else. They might be trying to connect with that person by sharing their interests, and this is one of the signs that they’re fantasizing about someone else.

2. He starts hinting at fantasies

If your partner has been talking about things they want to do, both in and out of the bedroom, but not necessarily with you, like saying they’d love to be on a yacht with a beautiful woman, it could be one of the signs that they’re fantasizing about someone else, even if they don’t mention a specific name.

3. He calls you by another name

When your partner starts saying someone else’s name, especially during intimate moments, it’s a clear sign that they can’t stop fantasizing about that person. But even if they absentmindedly call you by another name in casual situations, like asking for the toast at breakfast, it’s a strong indicator that someone else is on their mind, and it’s not you they’re thinking about.

4. He’s not interested in discussing a future with you

When someone avoids discussing the future of an ongoing relationship, whether it’s planning a weekend away, meeting the family, or getting engaged, it can be a sign that they can’t stop fantasizing about someone else.

5. He wants to hang out with certain people more

If your partner is thinking about someone else, they might try to spend more time with that person. They could make plans to meet for coffee or drinks, sometimes without you. They might even suggest inviting them over or going out together. This means they want to be around the person they’re thinking about more, either to get them out of their mind or to get closer to them emotionally.

6. He suddenly needs more alone time

In a romantic relationship, it’s normal to have some alone time and space. Taking breaks or even sleeping separately can be okay. But if your partner starts distancing themselves from you and avoids spending time with you altogether, it could be a sign that something is amiss and should be talked about.

7. He forgets important dates and plans

Forgetting things occasionally is okay, but if your partner keeps forgetting important dates and responsibilities related to your relationship, it’s a sign that their focus might be elsewhere, possibly on someone else. It could be nothing, but it’s worth paying attention to this as it could be a sign they’re fantasizing about someone else.

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