7 Signs He Wants To Be Friends With Benefits

Ladies, look out for these signs!

Be real, ladies. Not all men are going to be into relationships. The romantic game just isn’t something that everyone is interested in. There are so many men out there who just can’t deal with the drama and the pressure that comes with having a serious relationship. However, you must also understand that despite the fact that they don’t necessarily want relationships doesn’t automatically mean that they don’t crave for physical intimacy with other people. Plenty of men still have their carnal desires for female flesh. They crave a woman’s touch; it has the power to absolutely drive them crazy.

That’s why a lot of them will not want to be in a relationship, but they want the physical aspects of one. In contemporary times, this arrangement can be called friends with benefits with the ˜benefits’ aspect of it being completely sexual. Here are a few signs that your man wants to just be friends with benefits with you.

1. There is only really one thing he likes talking to you about.

Conversations are important in any relationship. If you manage to find a pattern with regards to the kinds of topics he mostly brings up during your discussions, then you can get a good idea of what kind of man he is and what he wants out of a relationship. If he always tends to navigate towards areas of discussion that concern physical intimacy and sexual practices, then you can tell that he’s just testing the waters with you. He wants to know how far you would be willing to take it with him on a physical level. If he talks about sex more than he does about his feelings for you, then he doesn’t really want to be in a relationship. He just wants a night in the bedroom with you.

2. He tells you that he’s not a relationship kind of guy.

If he tells you right off the bat that he’s not a relationship kind of guy, then you shouldn’t really expect much out of him. However, if he still makes an effort to always be spending time with you, then that means he still wants something out of you. What does he want exactly? Well, we all know the answer to that question. He wants a fun night in the sack with you Maybe even multiple times. He just wanted to make it clear from the start that emotions don’t play a role in the dynamics of your relationship.

3. He doesn’t open himself up to you on a personal level.

If a man truly wanted to establish an emotional relationship with you, then he would have little problem with opening himself up to you. In fact, he would want to get personal with you if he were really interested in having a real relationship with you. If he doesn’t want to start connecting with you on a more emotional level, then that means the only kind of relationship he wants with you is the physical one. He doesn’t want to get tangled up in all the chaos of emotions, but he is definitely interested in all the joys of sexual escapades with you.

4. He doesn’t really take you out in public.

He thinks that if he takes you out on real dates in public, then that would somewhat solidify your status as a legitimate couple. The problem with that is that he really doesn’t see you as a real couple at all. He sees you more as a friend with benefits. And so he doesn’t want to add anything to what you already have together. Any interaction between the both of you should be kept in the bedroom. He only looks to get intimate with you in manners that are inappropriate when done in public.

5. He flirts with other women in your presence.

He doesn’t take whatever you have between the two of you seriously. He is very non-committal and he carries a very casual approach to the dynamics of your relationship. He isn’t really tying himself down to you emotionally and so he sees no problem in flirting with other women even when you’re there to witness it. In fact, he doesn’t really care how his flirtation of other women would make you feel because to him, emotions don’t play a role in your relationship at all.

6. He doesn’t make an effort to communicate with you on a consistent basis.

He only wants you when he’s in heat. He only wants you when he’s hungry for some action in the bedroom. He really doesn’t feel compelled to check up on you every now and then. He thinks that that’s only a job for boyfriends and he really doesn’t consider himself to be one of your boyfriends.

7. You engage in sexual activities every single time you’re together.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be wasting his time with you. The only way you would ever get to lure him into your presence is if you tell him that you’re up for a night of physical intimacy. If he refuses to hang out with you for any other reason, then he really isn’t interested in getting into a real relationship with you.

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  1. Serious these rules are exactly happen in my life and i know is my friend benefit but i love him deadly so what should i do m

  2. I know my friend guy says he has friends but we have been seeing each other forb4 and 1/2 years so at first I thought we were a couple but lately he been seeing another woman but he says he have friends don’t have a woman but he spend the night with her like he does me so I am more than a friend and so is she. But he will not call or text in a day or so then he tells me he misses me especially when I don’t talk to him in a few days then he comes over we have sex then he thinks everything is ok but it’s not I need help.

  3. Interestingly, being a smitten male I’ve three times been in the company of grown women (ages 24, 28 and 36) whom in their own styles, used my companionship for ‘booty calls’ friends with benefits …Nice as THAT might seem, …their lack of willingness to commit, in an environment of rampant ‘club-born’ STD’s and their roving eyes made such trysts like playing ‘Russian roulette’.

    It apparently did not dawn upon them or matter TO them, that predatory ‘players’ seeking quantity over quality, yet refusing to ‘pony up’ to use a condom, …wanted to ‘sire’ irresponsibly and NOT ‘partner’ or ‘father’ the resulting offspring.

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