7 Signs That A Man Wants A Serious Relationship With You

How do you know if a man is actually serious about wanting to be in a relationship with you? How do you know whether he’s just playing around or not?

This is something that a lot of women will think about when they first start seeing a guy and develop some serious feelings for them. No one ever wants to be blindsided by someone who is only playing around with them. And unfortunately, that’s something that happens way too often these days. There are just so many guys out there who are players and treat love and dating like it’s some kind of game.

You might meet someone who you think is your type. You allow yourself to be overcome by all of the feelings that you are experiencing as a result of being with him. And you have certain expectations for what your relationship might turn into. You hold on to certain hopes and dreams that you have for the two of you. You think that this could really transform into something serious that you can carry with you into the future.

But then things don’t go according to plan. It turns out that he isn’t all that serious about being with you after all. And you’re left with a broken heart with nothing else to show for it.

It can be really devastating whenever you discover that a guy you like doesn’t exactly like you in return. It can be crushing to the heart and soul. And on the other side of the spectrum, it can be really exhilarating and exciting to know that the guy you like actually wants to be in a serious relationship with you. It’s always a very special time whenever that’s the case.

But how are you able to tell for sure? You know that guys aren’t exactly the most communicative people in the world. They rarely ever like to talk about their feelings. So, you’re left to play a guessing game with them most of the time.

However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. You can always refer to certain signs that a guy is actually serious about wanting to be with you. You just have to be insightful and vigilant enough to take note of certain signals that he might be sending your way. Here are a few signs that a man is actually interested in getting into a serious relationship with you.

1. He opens up about the intimate details of his life.

He really opens himself up to you in ways that he wouldn’t really do with other people. He lets you in really deep and he tells you very intimate things about himself that only you would ever know about.

2. He makes plans in the relationship with you.

He shows a willingness to discuss the future with you. He always wants you to feel like there is a future for your relationship. He wants to prove to you that this isn’t just a temporary fling for him.

3. He always keeps his promises towards you.

He never goes back on a promise with you if he can help it. He always tries his best to stick to the commitments that he makes to you. And if he doesn’t meet expectations, he is never above apologizing to you. He always tries his best to never disappoint you.

4. He makes time for you and the relationship.

He really makes some time to be with you. No matter how busy he might be, he always makes it a point to spend time with you. He understands that your relationship is never going to push forward unless he makes time for it.

5. He stays honest with you.

He always stays honest with you. He makes it a point to never lie to you or deceive you even if it gets him into trouble. He knows that it’s always best for him to be real with you because he always wants to be worthy of the love and trust that you give him. He never wants to betray you in any way, shape, or form.

6. He does whatever he can to make you happy.

He considers your happiness to be his own as well. He really goes out of his way to make you happy because he just loves seeing a smile plastered on your face. He wants to help make your life as easy and as comfortable as possible. He always seeks to bring a lot of positive energy into your life.

7. He defines the relationship with you.

And of course, the final telltale sign is that he actually makes an effort to define the relationship with you. He leaves no room for ambiguity and vagueness between the two of you. He always makes sure that you feel safe and secure in your place in the relationship. He never makes you second-guess what you mean to him.

  1. I. Have a guy who said he loves me always was there for me spend money on me and give me money to he said he wants to get married because everything he ever wanted in a woman he found those things in Me but he in jail telling me this so how do I know of it’s true or not

  2. I have one friend, since from my school time..and when we in school I had crush on him and he know about that and ones time he asked me about that and I said yes I have crush on but on that time told me you need to focus on your study and all .. and then we don’t have any contact with each other and suddenly he msg me and we talk and he told me he is in relationship and then again we r not in contact with each other and after 4-5 years he comes back and he told me his relationship is broken because of some reasons.And now I’m totally confused he come again in my life and he ask me still you have crush on me or not…

  3. I have a beastie he my best friend can totally trust him and he makes me feel safe. The best part he doesn’t judge me. He always thinks of kind things to do for me but yet we are like brother and sister would hate to lose that friendship

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