7 Signs That He Cares About You But Isn’t In Love With You

It’s always difficult whenever you find yourself developing feelings for someone who already happens to be a close friend of yours. It’s difficult because there are so many feelings that you need to be making sense of.

It’s very complicated and it’s not necessarily going to be the easiest feelings to navigate. Of course, it isn’t always a bad thing. There will be some instances wherein things might work out for the best if you act on your feelings.

But there is also a great possibility that it will end up backfiring on you. You have to keep in mind that the chance at getting a romantic love can also result in tragedy and disappointment.

Remember, you might be messing up a perfectly fine friendship with someone for the chance at finding love. You could go on for the rest of your days without saying a single word to your friend about how you feel and you would remain friends for the rest of time.

But if you let your feelings lead the way that you act, then maybe you might be at risk of jeopardizing the friendship.

It can be a real pain in the butt because you’re already so happy and content with what you have. However, you also can’t help shake the idea that this might be something that’s worth taking a chance on.

You never asked to be in this position but here you are. You are pining over a man that you think you have a real shot with. However, you also know that there are huge risks involved.

You have to make a decision and you can’t just rush into it. You want to know what to do but you’re so lost and you don’t know how to come to a decision on it. Should you just stay content with your current situation or should you take that leap of faith and risk everything that you have with your friendship?

Naturally, the choice is going to be yours. You are solely responsible for everything that is going to take place in your life. However, it’s not really going to be an easy decision for you to come to.

Whatever you decide here is going to have some very deep and serious implications. This could potentially shape whether you are going to live a life of fulfillment and happiness or if you’re going to live a life of regret. You don’t want to be messing something up that is working so well for you but you don’t want to be stuck with “what ifs” for the rest of your life either.

Of course, the choice belongs to you. You have the responsibility of choosing the fate that awaits you. But it’s not necessarily an easy choice to make. You don’t want to be looking back and thinking “what if” when the moment is too late. But you also don’t want to end up messing up something that’s working so well for you already. What do you do?

You need to figure out how he really feels about you before you make a move. If you find that he only cares about you as a friend, then maybe it’s best to let things remain the same. But if you know that he feels something even more for you, then maybe you have a real shot at making things work with him. Be very vigilant of the way that he behaves around you. If a lot of the signs that are listed here actually apply to him, then bad news, he only sees you as a friend.

  1. He tells you that he sees you as a little sister. He loves you and cares about you very deeply. But he’s not really in love with you.

2. He doesn’t really ask you to hang out with him unless it’s within a group setting. That means he doesn’t want to get intimate with you in that way.

3. He talks to you about his romantic life and his issues with other girls. That means he sees you as a friend and a confidante; not as a romantic option.

4. He doesn’t really exhibit any signs of jealousy whenever you start dating other men. He might even show a lot of support for your romantic endeavors. That means he isn’t interested in being your guy.

5. He doesn’t really put a lot of effort into trying to make a good impression on you. He’s just always so comfortable and frank.

6. He doesn’t really try to initiate a conversation with you unless he just genuinely needs something from you. He never texts you just to check up on you or to chat.

7. He hasn’t made a move on you. Most of the time, when you get close to someone and he becomes interested in you, he might muster up the courage to ask you out. But if he hasn’t, then maybe it’s because he just isn’t interested.

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  1. What if he enjoys my company , comes to spend weekend in my house, he’s running down any man l meet, he doesn’t compliments me when l dress up, doesn’t even give me a hug or comes near but likes to sleep in my bed all night. Doesn’t touch me .Chats with me hours on end.Replies my texts there and then.Whats that?

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