7 Signs That Mean She’s Secretly In Love With You

You don’t have control over who you love. When you spend quite some time with a person and get to know them well enough, you eventually start liking them a lot. There isn’t a day where you don’t think about them and how you would feel if they knew what you feel for them.

You don’t even realize how and when it all started. Similarly, you don’t know how to figure out if the other person likes you or not. Here are a few points to help you:

1. She will always prioritize you

Most girls are naturally moody or shy when it comes to expressing their love, but if they genuinely feel for you, they will leave no chance of proving their love and affection for you. When a girl loves you but is too diffident, she will say it out loud through her actions. You will become her first priority. She will never say no to any of your plans, she will always find ways to be with you, she absolutely loves spending time with you and will try her best to make that happen quite often!

2. She will trust you with hers secrets

There are a lot of things that girls keep as secrets and rarely ever share it with anyone, but if a girl really likes you or maybe is even head over heels for you, she is eventually going to talk her heart out. She will confide in you and tell her secrets, share her problems because she genuinely loves all the attention she gets from you. She will expect you never to break her trust and always be there to help her in times of need. Be a shoulder for her to cry on. She will always look for a best friend in you because she knows you’re someone worth sharing with!

3. She will always be there when you need her

When a girl is in love with you, she is always finding ways to keep you happy. It breaks her heart to see you stressed out or miserable. So she will still be by your side whenever you’re in need of a friend. She will never leave you alone and will make sure she lifts up your mood. She will always be able to tell when you’re not yourself, no matter how much you hide it from her because she really knows you well. She’ll be there on your good days and even more so on your bad ones.

4. Your likes and dislikes are important to her

If a girl has strong feelings for you, she will always make sure she does everything you like because she wants you to know how much you mean to her. She would never want you to get mad or be distant from her so she will be extra careful when avoiding to do anything you don’t like. She will always put your preferences and choices above hers. This really shows you mean a great deal to her because it’s definitely not easy to please someone. She will always be eager to know what you like and what you don’t.

5. She will surprise you with genuine compliments

She will never let go of any chance of letting you know how good looking she finds you or how you are such a darling. She will compliment you when you least expect it. No matter what you do or how you look, she will always say positive things about you. She will still make you smile with her display of affection towards you. Her compliments will naturally boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. You will start paying more attention to what she has to say about you.

6. She will always be up for random plans

Be it running an errand for you, gifting you something or helping you with some work; she will always be up for doing things for you. She will never refuse your call for help. In fact, she will find ways to spend time with you, no matter if it involves helping you in any way. Take the hint that she really likes you because no girl would be willing to spend so much time with you if they don’t feel that way for you.

7. She will find ways to be close to you

When a girl is more than interested in you, she will always look for ways to be close to you. She will still want to sit beside you or walk close to you, etc. She will unintentionally or intentionally brush her arm against yours, try to casually tap on your back, try to make or mess up your hair or will always find reasons to hug you and will stay embraced in your arms for a little longer. Her body is aware of the fact that she loves you and she will let you know through these subtle moves.

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