7 Signs That She Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You

Some people just can’t take a hint sometimes. It takes so much more for them to realize that their sexual advances aren’t having any effect on their sexual targets. Sometimes, I takes so much more than just a No, thank you. to send the message to these hopeful and oblivious predators. If you’re desperate for a good time in the sack with a beautiful woman, make sure that she’s going to be a willing partner in the process. Otherwise, you’re just coming off as a fool who is absolutely sexually deprived. Know when to walk away and try again another day. As sexy and as beautiful as you think you are, not everyone is going to want to have sex with you. Here are some signs that sex is just off the table for you tonight:

1. She Tells You That She Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You.

For most normal men, this should be enough. You don’t need any further signals for you to stop it with your sexual advances. If a woman is interested in having sex with you, she will tell you. If she’s not interested, then you shouldn’t be forcing yourself on her. You look downright pathetic. Walk away at this point and win her over in more wholesome ways if you want. Sex can not and should not be forced on others. Don’t be that guy who just can’t take no for an answer when it comes to sex.

2. She Tells You About Other Men She Wants To Sleep With.

She describes her sexual fantasies to you in great detail. The only problem is that you’re not in that fantasy. She is instead describing that mutual friend you know, or that guy at the bar you’re both in. She’s telling you all about her desires for sex and you’re just not part of the picture. Just be a happy spectator at this point and stop trying to get in on the game. Go head somewhere else for your sexual frustrations to be satisfied because you’re not going to get any satisfaction here.В – Continue reading on the next page

3. She Doesn’t Express Any Physical Towards You Within Your First Month of Meeting.

No kisses. Barely any hugs. Hell, you don’t even get to hold her hand often. If she’s really not interested in having sex in you, you’ll know firsthand. She won’t want anything to do with you within a physical space. She doesn’t like to get physically intimate with you and you’re just out of luck. Just walk away with your dignity still intact. It’s getting sad if you’re still here at this point really. Maybe you’ll find better luck somewhere else.

4. She’s Telling You Through Her Eyes of Indifference.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing your sexiest gym clothes or in your most dapper suits. The way she looks at you doesn’t change at all. It’s still the same dead shot eyes of indifference about your appearance. She doesn’t get turned on nor does she get turned off. She’s just practically indifferent about your existence in her life and she doesn’t care about your sexual desires. She’s not a woman who is willing to satisfy your primal urges and you shouldn’t force the issue anymore.

5. She Makes You Feel Sexually Inferior.

She doesn’t have to even do it blatantly. She can just be taking subtle jabs at your manhood to show that you couldn’t possibly last one night with her in bed. A quick comment about your sensitivities and vulnerabilities is a good indication that she’s belittling who you are as a man and that you are not worthy of spending a night with her. This is just utter humiliation for you at this point and you practically deserve it. You should have gotten out of the game earlier but you’re still here. Save yourself the trouble of further humiliation and stop trying so hard to win her over. She really isn’t interested in having sex with you, so find somewhere else to relieve yourself.В – Continue reading on the next page

6. Her Body Language Just Screams No.

It can be subtle, and it can be vulgar. Body language can be very revealing of a human’s true intentions. If she’s constantly avoiding eye contact with you, or if you find herself putting objects in between the both of you, then she really isn’t interested. More blatant gestures would be physical nudges and verbal declarations of her disinterest in having sex with you. Please be wary of the signs and respond accordingly. No means no.

7. She Puts You in the Friend Zone.

A proud man can be difficult to put down. No is a difficult answer to accept. Sometimes, you just have to swallow your pride and acknowledge that you won’t ever amount to anything in her eyes that exceeds the friend zone. You’re nothing more than a person she likes to hang out with or have occasional conversations with.

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