7 Signs That Someone Is Actually Starting To Like You

Here are a few signs that someone is actually starting to like you as more than a friend.

It can be very difficult to tell whenever someone is actually developing feelings for you. People have really learned how to hide their emotions and their intentions fairly well these days. They don’t like to present themselves as an open book to maintain an air of mystery about them. Some people also hide their feelings as a means to protect themselves from getting hurt or disappointed. However, this can be bad for you when you really want to know more about how a person feels about you. How exactly can you tell when someone is developing a romantic interest in you?

This is the initial step in all modern relationships. People have to spark an interest in one another before they can actually act on their feelings and their emotions. That’s why you should be vigilant and watch out for the signs that your person of interest is also actually interested in you. Even though the signs are somewhat less than subtle, that doesn’t mean that they’re not there. You can tell when a person likes you if you just know what you’re supposed to be looking for. Here are a few signs that someone is actually starting to like you as more than a friend.

1. They smile a lot when they’re around you.

Smiles are peoples’ biggest tells. No one can hide their happiness when it emanates from their face via a smile. That’s why whenever you find that a particular person seems to smile a lot whenever you’re together, then that is a good indication of someone’s comfort with you. Your presence literally brings a sense of lightness, joy, and elation to another person’s day. That is direct proof of someone’s attraction towards another. Remember that it can be very hard for a person to fake a smile.

2. They always just happen to be wherever you are.

You can’t seem to shake this person. This person always just happens to be wherever you are at a given moment. You don’t know whether it’s coincidental or if it’s designed. But when it happens one too many times, it just can’t be purely coincidence anymore. That person likes to be wherever you are because that person is interested in you. They like the feeling of being around you. They are thrilled at the thought of spending time with you however fleeting the moment may seem.

3. They will find an excuse to talk to you or prolong conversations with you.

This is another very easy tell that a person really likes you. If someone is always trying to initiate conversations with you in different forms of media, then you can be sure that that person is very much interested in you. Whether it be through actual face-to-face conversations, phone calls, text messages, or Snaps, if a person is trying to constantly be in communication with you, then that person likes you. Not only that, but if a person actually makes an effort to prolong conversations with you, then that is also another sign that they are into you. It means that they enjoy talking to you and they don’t want the discussion to ever end.

4. They will exude a very open and welcoming kind of body language.

They will always be receptive of you even when they don’t mean to be. Whenever you’re talking, they will always turn to face you. They will not want any obstructions to be between the both of you. They will have both their feet facing straight at you. These are simple subconscious body language tells that a lot of people will project to people that they are interested and comfortable with.

5. They make very strong eye contact with you.

The eyes are the window to the soul. If you catch a person always staring deep into your eyes especially when you’re locked in a conversation with each other, then that is an indication that that person wants you to see into their soul. That person wants you to know just how they feel about you without them having to say anything. They want you to figure out their true feelings and intentions by just staring straight back into their eyes.

6. They are more inquisitive about your life.

Of course, naturally, when a person becomes very interested in you, they will want to know more and more about who you are as a person. They will ask you all sorts of questions and they will stop just short of really interrogating you. They will want to know about what makes you tick. They will want to know more about what makes up your character as a whole. They will want to immerse themselves into your life.

7. They will give their time up for you.

Lastly, a person who likes you would always want to spend time with you. They will allot specific time in their schedule just for you. They see potential between the two of you and they want to capitalize on it. Time is always the most precious give anyone could give another person.

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