7 Signs That You Have An Abusive Wife

It’s important to know that abuse can happen in relationships, and it’s not just men who can be abusive. Women can also behave abusively. Because many people aren’t aware of men facing abuse, they might not even recognize it when their wife is abusive. The signs of an abusive woman can sometimes be hard to see, so men might not realize they are being treated badly.

You can figure out if you or someone you know is experiencing abuse from a wife by looking at the list below.

1. Controlling behavior

Abusive wives like to have a lot of control. They want to decide who you spend time with, where you can go, what job you can have, how you use your money, what clothes you wear, and how much you talk to your family and friends. They may use silent actions to control you, like not talking to you, ignoring you, not being close to you, or acting upset until they get what they want. They’re also good at making sure they control the conversations you have.

2. Verbal abuse

If you constantly feel like you have to be very careful with what you say or do, it could be a sign of abuse. You might have an abusive wife if she gets very angry, shouts, or yells about small things. Such a person may make you feel weak, always find faults in you, and not respect your feelings. If things have gotten bad between you and your wife, it’s important to take action and set limits to try to fix the relationship.

3. Violence

If your partner is aggressive, whether it’s towards you or others, you’re in an unhealthy relationship. If she hits, punches, or slaps you, these are clear signs that the relationship is not good. She might also harm animals, damage things, or throw objects when she doesn’t get what she wants.

4. Extreme jealousy

Many abusive wives can be very jealous. They may get upset when they see you talking to someone else. It’s normal for partners to feel a little jealous sometimes when they see their loved ones with others. But in this situation, jealousy is a bit extreme. Your abusive wife might even become jealous if you’re spending too much time with your brothers, sisters, or parents.

5. Unreasonable reactions

Another clear sign of an abusive wife is when she reacts in a way that doesn’t make sense. When you make a mistake, you might feel like there’s nothing you can do to make things right with her. She won’t forgive you for your actions, no matter how small the mistake was or how much you apologize.

6. Blames everyone else

She often finds ways to blame others and avoids taking responsibility for her actions or words. She points fingers at everyone else for anything that goes wrong, and she consistently puts the blame on you. If you’ve never heard your wife apologize for anything and she constantly shifts blame, you might be in an abusive relationship.

7. Instills fear

Does your wife put you in situations where you might be afraid for your life or safety? If she threatens you, makes you feel scared, or controls and manipulates you to the point where you fear her and feel unsafe, you are definitely in an abusive relationship.

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