7 Signs That Your Relationship Was Doomed From The Start

#5. You just keep on fighting about senseless things.

Everyone always loves being in a relationship until things start getting rough and difficult. There is an immense joy and enrichment involved in growing in love with another person. But on the other side of the coin, there can be immense toxicity, despair, and trauma in being in a doomed relationship with someone. There are just too many couples these days who get into relationships even they are practically doomed from the start. There are a myriad of reasons as to why these couples are doomed ranging from immaturity and incompatibility to bad timing and bad luck.

Whatever the case, it would be better for these couples to just call it quits as early as they can so as not to waste each other’s time in a failing relationship. A lot of experienced and insightful people are actually able to tell very early on whether a relationship is going to work or not. However, a vast majority of people will have emotions that can cloud their judgement and their perspectives on the relationship. There are plenty of signs early in a relationship that people can take note of. These signs can serve as subtle predictors as to whether a relationship has a chance at succeeding or not. So if you want to find out the answer early in a relationship, and if you want to be given an early assessment of your romantic prospects,

you would be doing yourself a favor by taking note of these signs. You don’t want to glue yourself to a relationship that is just practically destined for failure. You have to be honest with yourself when you’re stuck in a bad relationship. It would be better for you to just cut your losses early and move on. Here are a few signs that your relationship is just doomed from the start:

1. You are always overly critical of each other even at the start.

You keep on criticizing one another and it just never stops. It’s not even the constructive kind of criticism. It’s the kind of criticism that is designed to make one another feel bad; it’s the kind of criticism that is designed to bring each other down. You are never in the business of trying to build each other up. It’s almost like a competition to you.

2. All of your conversations revolve around small-talk or simple concepts.

You don’t ever have any deep or meaningful conversations about life, love, or your relationships. You don’t really go deep about your emotions. You don’t really open up about the most intense aspects of your life. You are always keeping it light with each other. It shows that there is a certain discomfort there and you don’t really like opening up to one another.

3. Your partner feigns disinterest early in the relationship.

If your partner feigns disinterest in you early in the relationship, then it goes to show that your partner is just treating the whole thing like some sort of game. There is no reason for someone to feign disinterest unless they are generally disinterested or if they see love as some sort of strategy game. If your partner were genuinely interested in falling in love with you, they would so without playing any games.

4. You don’t really have a good sex life.

There’s no denying that sex is such an important aspect of a lot of relationships in this day and age. If the sex for the both of you is bad even early on, then that probably means there are just some compatibility issues between you that are manifesting themselves in your bedroom. There’s something off with your chemistry and it might not be salvageable.

5. You just keep on fighting about senseless things.

You don’t know how to let things go. You feel like your relationship is essentially a big argument that you have to win every single time. You aren’t one who is okay with just letting things go for the sake of the relationship. You are both selfish and you care more about your egos than you do about the relationship.

6. You find it difficult to even just be friends with each other.

At the root of it all, for a romantic relationship to work, you have to be friends. If you can’t even be comfortable with being friends with one another, then there is absolutely no chance in the world that your relationship is going to last. More than anything, healthy romantic partners are also best friends.

7. You compromise on a lot of your usual deal breakers when it comes to choosing a romantic partner.

It just means you’re desperate to get into a relationship with someone even though they possess a lot of your typical deal breakers. This may be an indication that you are more interested in the idea of being in a relationship than you are with the actual relationship itself.

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