7 Signs That You’re Compatible Based On The Conversations That You Have Together

I just love deep conversations!

There are some very rare instances wherein two people meet, have a conversation, and just manage to hit things off right away. Automatically, there is a very distinct spark that is present between the two of them and they now almost instantly that there is some serious potential here. It’s like everything just happens to click. Everything is smooth like butter.

It’s the subtle little signs that tell you that there’s something there that there’s something special brewing and you really have to make sure that you cultivate it well. You laugh at each other’s jokes effortlessly. You understand all the references that you throw at one another. You vibe with each other in a way that is rare in a way that you have interacted with very few others in the past. You manage to make one another feel very comfortable and relaxed whenever you’re hanging out even if you don’t know each other all that well. The conversation just flows and you know that there’s something inherently special about the level of communication that the two of you share.

There’s no denying how significant the quality of communication and conversation is when determining the success of a relationship. The compatibility of two people heavily relies on how well they communicate and converse with one another. Not a lot of couples realize it, but the way that they talk to one another can give them a fairly good idea of just how strong their relationship really is.

So if you feel like you need to know just how strong you and your partner really are as a couple, then you can use your conversations and discussions as a frame of reference. Even very early on, you will be able to tell just how compatible you are based on how you talk to one another. Here are 7 signs that you are compatible based on the conversations that you have together.

1. You always feel at ease and comfortable whenever you talk to each other.

Your conversation never feels forced. And you never feel compelled to act in a way that you’re not comfortable with acting. You also don’t feel like you have to force yourself to talk about things that you’re not really interested in. The fact of the matter is that you just vibe really well and that’s why your conversations always feel comfortable.

2. You use the same standards when it comes to your spelling and punctuation.

It may not be a big deal for some, but spelling and punctuation usage carry heavy subtexts. It’s no secret that the dating world has changed because of advancements in technology. Communication is so much more accessible and diverse now because of the vast array of different communication platforms such as texting and instant messaging. If the both of you text in the same way i.e. with proper spelling and punctuation it may be a sign that you share similar personalities and values.

3. You share similar interests with regards to your topics of conversation.

You never seem to run out of topics that you want to talk about because you jive on just so many things. Whether it be your taste in music, books, movies, hobbies, politics, or recreational activities, you just always manage to find something that you can both talk about enthusiastically.

4. You appreciate one another’s sense of humor.

A sense of humor is always going to be important in a relationship. At the end of the day, all we really want is to be in a relationship that makes us happy. And so if you manage to meet someone who has the ability to make you laugh seemingly at will, then that’s definitely a very good sign of compatibility.

5. You discover that your geographies don’t bog your relationship down.

Yes, it is much easier to maintain long-distance relationships now because of the emergence of new technology. But still, distance is always going to serve as a major hurdle for a couple. Nothing can ever replace physical closeness and face-to-face conversations. So if you find out in your early conversations that you don’t really live all that far away from each other, then that’s good for your potential relationship.

6. You both share the same ideas of fun and leisure.

Whenever you share similar philosophies on leisure activities, then that’s always a good sign for your relationship. It means that you will have many options to choose from to help forge an emotional connection with one another. Shared activities are always good platforms for really engaging with a significant other.

7. You are fond of each other on a personal level.

And lastly, if you find that you are deeply fond of conversing with one another, it’s an indicator that you are fond of each other on a personal level. And once that personal connection and bond is established, then that can serve as a strong foundation for your relationship.

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