7 Signs You Are with A Woman Who Is Emotionally Unavailable

1. She doesn’t tell anyone about you:

Is she the least bothered about telling her family and friends? Is she taking you to a family dinner with her? Does she invite you to go to a party with her? Or does she prefer being on her own in public? If she avoids talking about you with people, if she treats the relationship like it’s a secret or likes it’s something no one needs to know about then trust us, your relationship is going to get anywhere.

A relationship that two people are seriously involved is a big deal, and the couple does not try to hide it from the world. You don’t have to be with someone if she refuses to tell anyone about you. If the two of have been committed for a long while now and she doesn’t change her mind about keeping it a secret, it’s highly like that she’s not letting you in her life completely. This is a glaring sign of her emotional unavailability.

2. She doesn’t want to get to know you:

She never makes an effort actually to get to know you. This woman you’re in a relationship with is never bothered about who you are from the inside, what you like, the things you love, what makes you happy, what gets you upset and everything that makes you who are. She doesn’t want in on your personal life, she never asks about your family, your friends, your job or your day. If this happens to you, you need to realize this woman is not emotionally available to you. She’s not as interested in you as may think she is.

3. She treats the relationship “casually”:

She’s handling the bond between you two casually, and she generally is very laid back about the idea of relationships. Often, men are under fire for being casual about their relationships but who said women aren’t like that too? Dear men, watch out for the girl who’s being ultra-casual about relationships like she can get into one and get out of it like it’s no big deal whatsoever because that’s a huge red flag. She’s either not serious or just not ready for someone who’s in it with her for a serious commitment.

4. She’s with you because she wants to get over someone else:

Boy, if she’s with you because her previous relationship ended badly for her and now she’s hurt, then you’re a rebound. If she’s not over her ex and her past, if she’s still struggling with a heart-break, then please, leave. She’s not dating you because she genuinely loves, this girl is here because she thinks she likes you enough to make you her rebound. Does your girlfriend spend more than crying to you about what she went through with her ex, does she generally focus on her past then on her present that has you in it? If she does these things, then run, because she’s emotionally unavailable for you.

5. She’s there for you when it’s easy for her:

Her availability depends on her convenience. If it’s convenient for her, she will come running to you, but otherwise, she will make more excuses than you can keep count of about why she isn’t around you when you need her to be.

6. You’re her punching bag:

Is she talking about her problems the whole time the two of you spend together? Does she call you in the middle of the night to rant about something, disappearing for the rest of the day until coming back when she’s upset about something again? do the two of you always end up about her problems? Her issues? Her life? Her ex? Her work? Her family? Her friends? That’s because you may not realize it now, but she’s using you as a punching bag for her damaged emotional state.

7. She freaks out about committing to you:

Does she lose her sh*t every time you try to talk about her commitments to you? Does she get overly anxious, nervous, confused, angry or upset when you ask her whether she wants you for real, for life? Does her behavior indicate she’s practically commitment-phobic? Dear men, if the women you’re with always evade your questions about seriousness and sincerity with replies like “I can’t promise anything” “I’m too scared to commit” “what if I hurt you?” then the truth is, that woman WILL hurt you. She cannot commit because she does not want to commit.

She’s not in this forever. She doesn’t see you as her future. She’s here now, but she could be gone tomorrow. Keep your guard up and watch out for yourself. If you’ve been with her for a long time now, but her mind about a serious relationship never seems to change then perhaps you should walk away. Don’t wait for her to say something other than the usual “I can’t” and “I don’t know” because it’s not going to happen. Take a step back and reconsider your choices because no man should ignore this red flag telling you she’s everything but emotionally available to you.

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