7 Signs Your Man Is Head Over Heels For You

A lot of times, it can be really difficult having to navigate through a man’s feelings. Men just typically aren’t as expressive as women are – especially when it comes to feeling pertaining to romance and love. Usually, men are taught to suppress how they feel and act like absolute robots. And that makes it so hard for girls to figure out what they’re thinking or feeling at any given time. And if you’re feeling frustrated with your guy because of his reluctance to talk to you about his feelings, then don’t worry; you aren’t alone in your struggles. This can prove to be very difficult when you’re just starting to fall for someone.

Naturally, when you meet a guy and you’re interested in him, you’re going to hope for the best. And if you play your cards right, he also happens to express a similar interest in you. He also shows you a special kind of attention and you genuinely believe that you have a shot at something with potential here. However, as time draws on, you feel like you’re going to want to take things to the next level with him. But something is holding you back; you don’t know if he feels the same way.

You never want to be falling in love with a guy when you don’t know if he feels the same way or not. You don’t want to be setting yourself up for heartache and disappointment by diving right into love without testing the waters first. And that’s why you want to be able to tell if this guy is actually worth taking a chance on. That’s why you want to know if he loves you or not. But how can you tell if he’s not exactly opening up to you about his feelings? Well, that’s when you have to be able to read the signs.

You have to understand that men are more physical than they are verbal. They have a tendency to reveal their feelings, not through words, but through real actions. That is why if you notice your man doing a lot of the things listed on here, it’s likely that he’s definitely falling in love with you. And you can have some peace of mind.

1. He never stops talking about you to his friends and family.

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He likes to talk to other people about you because you are constantly on his mind. He obviously can’t shake the thought of you because of how profound an effect you have on him.

2. He wants to spend a huge bulk of his time with you.

You know just how important you are to him when he makes substantial adjustments in his schedule just to accommodate you into his life. He really wants you to feel how important you are to him by carving out space for you. He prioritizes you and makes you feel special.

3. He likes to show you off to other people a lot.

He brags about you a lot whenever you are out with other people. He is always trying to sell you to the people around him because he knows that he’s sold on you. He has bought into everything that you are, and he just wants the world to know how lucky he is to be with a girl like you.

4. He shows a desire to lock you down and make you commit to him.

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He really wants that safety and security with you. He is desperate to lock you down because he knows that he is blessed to have you in his life, and he never wants to lose you. He doesn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to have a lifetime with you. And in turn, he’s going to want to show his commitment for you as well.

5. He acts super gentle and considerate with you.

He always treats you with care; not because he sees you like a delicate creature that needs coddling, but because he wants to be able to make you feel his warmth and love. He wants you to feel his affections for you through his actions.

6. He really pays attention to the littlest details.

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He doesn’t take anything about you or the relationship for granted. He really pays attention to even the simplest aspects of the relationship because he values everything. That’s how special and important you are to him. That’s how much this relationship really means to him on a personal and emotional level.

7. He tells you that he loves you.

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Sure, there are some guys who will only tell you that they love you to get you to do certain things for them. A lot of men can be insincere when they tell you that they love you. But if you’re lucky enough to have found a unicorn of a man; someone who tells you that he loves you and actually backs it up with real actions, then hold on to him. He’s definitely a keeper and you’re fortunate to have found someone like him.

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