7 Signs Your Marriage Was Doomed From The Start

While every relationship has its own unique challenges, there are certain signs that might suggest a marriage was doomed from the start. It’s important to remember that no marriage is perfect, and addressing issues early on can save a relationship.

Here are seven potential signs that a marriage might have been destined for trouble from the beginning:

1. There’s no Communication

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, and if you and your partner do not discuss issues – big or small, your relationship cannot thrive. Without discussing problems, there is no way to solve them. If that’s how it has been and you two have not been communicating and talking about the issues in your relationship, let alone discussing every single thing like happy couples do, your marriage was doomed from the start.

2. You Fight About Everything

When you argue about everything, it might mean something’s not right in your marriage. While it’s normal to argue sometimes, couples who fight all the time can never build a happy family together. Small problems turning into big fights are a sign to stop and figure out what’s really bothering you both. If you have been facing this issue since the beginning of your marital relationship, it’s a sign that you are not in a healthy or happy marriage.

3. You Don’t Make Decisions Together

In a good marriage, partners always make choices together. But if you’re in a relationship where only one person is deciding everything, it means your marriage is in trouble, and you need to work on establishing a healthy relationship with your spouse where you both make important decisions together. However, if that doesn’t happen despite you making efforts, it’s a warning sign!

4. You Criticize More Than You Compliment

Giving compliments make a marriage strong. But if you’re always pointing out each other’s faults and criticizing, you must reevaluate your relationship by focusing on the good things and shifting your negative attitude.

5. You Keep Secrets or Lie to Your Spouse

Trust is super important in a marriage. If you have been hiding things from your spouse or cannot tell the truth, you are not in a healthy relationship where you can easily share your issues and feelings with your SO. It’s better to be honest and work through problems together, but if you cannot do so, you might need to move on from this relationship.

6. You Are NOT excited At the Idea of the Future

You aren’t excited about the future because of how terrible and dreadful the present is. If you find that the current overall atmosphere of your relationship just doesn’t make you happy, then it’s likely that the future is probably going to be the same.

7. There’s a Lack of Intimacy and Connection

In a strong marriage, sharing your emotions and having physically intimacy are really important. If these things are missing or forgotten, the marriage might have a tough time growing. Like a garden needs water and sunlight to bloom, a marriage needs emotional and physical closeness to flourish.

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  1. That’s me,I have never know jouin my marriage.been there for 22years now.im feeling tired very tired and depressed…

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