7 Signs You’re In A High Quality Relationship

Being in a relationship with the person you love is one of the greatest joys. It gives you a sense of peace and commitment and makes you feel like the luckiest person alive. To have a love of your life as your partner forever makes this whole roller-coaster ride worthwhile. But as with any kind of bond, this too has its ups and downs and can make or break you. Whether you are in a happy or an abusive relationship, it affects your well-being in quite a drastic manner. So here are 7 signs to prove you are in a happy relationship:

1. You both can’t get enough of each other

It doesn’t matter how long you have been in a relationship when two people are madly in love they just can’t get enough of each other. No matter how many years have passed, the spark between them never dies. You two are still attracted to each other as you were when you first met. Even now he gives you butterflies after all these years, and you still amaze him with everything you do. You two are always finding ways to spend time together, no matter how crazy the routine gets. It still feels like you both are a match made in heaven and you guys just cannot stop obsessing over one another.

2. You two compliment each other

It’s only natural when a couple no longer gives compliments to each other because they have been together for a long time now. That kind of comfort level can be dangerous to the relationship because you start taking the other person for granted. Remember how when you first got together, it was all hearts and flowers and countless compliments for one another? When two people are head over heels for each other, they love complimenting their partner. They still let the other person know how they are always loved and admired and give them all kinds of feels!

3. Your partner trusts you blindly

It is vital for any relationship to be based not only on love and affection but trust and respect as well. One of the most significant elements of a happy and healthy relationship is trusting each other wholeheartedly. When you trust your partner, you give them the freedom of being equal to you. You two believe the fact that both of you have the best interest at heart for one another and this relationship. You let them make decisions and take major steps knowing that it somehow might have an effect on your relationship with them but you always trust their love and intuition for you, and that makes everything seem alright. Without trust, no relationship can last.

4. You respect each other’s privacy

It is crucial for a couple never to forget that they are also two individuals who have their separate lives while being committed to each other. Every person has their own private life as well that needs to be acknowledged and respected by their partners. It is unhealthy for any relationship when your partner doesn’t respect your space and privacy and vice versa. Suddenly, you start feeling trapped if you are always being checked upon by your partner. Every healthy relationship shows how two people give the partner their space and trust them with whatever they do.

5. You two love cuddling and watching movies/shows together

Whether you enjoy going to the cinemas with your beau or love settling down with a takeaway and your favorite movie or TV show with loads of cuddling, it’s always a fantastic way of spending time with your partner. You don’t need anyone else because you absolutely adore each other’s company and are comfortable being alone and mushy like that. Watching movies together and discussing them strengthens your bond and helps you understand each other’s perceptions and likes and dislikes in some way. This also gives you a reason to spend some quality time with your lover.

6. You have healthy discussions.

There exists no relationship in which arguments don’t take place between two people, no matter how madly they love each other. Every couple has good and bad days, sometimes worse, the key is to be forgiving and always accept your mistake. The rule of a happy and healthy relationship is to have healthy arguments instead of toxic blame games and unnecessary fights. If you actually listen to what your partner feels about something that you’ve done, admit your mistakes and apologize, instead of blaming it all on them and never trying to make up for it, you’re winning at life.

7. You have an active sex life

You still find ways to be physical with the love of your life, even after all this time. You cannot keep your hands off of each other. Couples who have an active sex life usually are more content and happy with their partners than those who don’t. You’re apparently satisfied with your darling, and you both are keen on trying new things and keeping your sex life active and exciting. As the years go by, you can definitely have a better sex life than have a boring one which becomes a routine, there’s absolutely no fun in that.

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