7 Signs You’re Really, Really in Love

You’re completely in love!

Love is such an important and necessary feeling in life, it changes your life completely and positively. Therefore, it is very important to realize these feelings instead of suppressing them. There are no definite signs of being in love, it differs for person to person but below are a few things which almost everyone who has ever experienced love feels for their partner.

1. They hold a special place in your life.

This one’s a bit obvious, when you love someone they are your number one in every aspect of life, no one compares to this person. They will always have your time, attention, feelings, devotion- without fighting for it. They are number one on your priority list.

2. Nothing makes you happier than their happiness.

You celebrate their triumphs just like your own, you feel proud of their successes and their achievements instead of feeling jealous or inferior. All you care about is that smile on their face and nothing makes you happier than watching them happy and content. You always mean well for them, there are no negative emotions.

3. You want your friends and family to like them.

When you’re in love with someone, consciously or unconsciously you want them in your future and what your family and friends think about your partner matters to you. Their approval gives you satisfaction and a confidence about making the right choice. It makes everything a lot easier if you have your support system by your side, so you make every effort to make them get along and like each other.

4. You’re addicted to them.

Now, it is very important to differentiate between addiction and obsession. Addiction is when you can’t go on a day without talking to each other, if anything significant happens they’re the first person you want share it with, you want to spend more time in their company, you miss them and want to get involved in each other’s life but at the same time you’re mature enough to be okay if you haven’t heard from them for a few hours, you miss them but it’s not keeping you from carrying on with your life. It is obsession when you can’t leave them alone even for a second, you stalk them, if they don’t message or call for a few hours you start making weird scenarios in your head; that is obsession and its unhealthy.

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  1. Oh my goodness…I just realized I am head over heels for my boyfriend right now. I have every signs that you sighted here!

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