7 Stages Of Realizing Your Parents Lied To You

Mom and Dad weren’t completely honest. They said you could become anything you wanted. Like being a space cowboy who dances as a ballerina – but that’s not real. They said you could be President but didn’t mention the tricky and not-so-nice parts of politics.

They also told you that a college degree would open all the doors. But right now, your diploma is in a box of memories, and you’re having ramen for breakfast in your small apartment. Your job as an office assistant is different from what you studied or wanted to do.

Your parents, who love you a lot, told you things to help you believe in yourself. They wanted you to do well and follow your dreams. Even if they didn’t have all the details right, their words gave you the confidence to try your best.

Let’s look at the different times when you start to realize that your mom and dad might not have been completely honest about a bunch of stuff.

1. Beautiful, Amazing Bliss

When we’re young, we soak up the wonderful happiness of innocence, trusting everything our parents tell us. Their tales become what we think is true, and life seems like a magical story.

2. Extreme Denial Mixed With Hope

When we keep feeling unsure, it makes us really frustrated and almost angry. We start noticing things that don’t match up and we want to know why. Slowly, we start to realize that the things we were so sure about might not actually be true.

3. Frustration Teetering on Rage

When things don’t improve, like an internship meant to become a job, or a one-sided relationship, you realize fairytales aren’t real. The real world isn’t like that. Companies might not pay if you work for free, and relationships might not turn into more. It’s a tough reality to accept.

4. Hours of To-Do List Making

You won’t lose just because being a grown-up is tougher than your parents said. You’ve got this. You’ve got this. You just need a plan. To start, grab paper, a pen, and boxes to tick off. Stay strong, you’ve got what it takes!

5. Hysterical Stress Giggles

Now that you’re in the crazy panic mode, be prepared to suddenly burst into laughter. The way to handle it is to nervously giggle, because all those wonderful things in life your parents said you’d get if you followed rules and did well in school… well, it’s not exactly how they painted it.

6. False Sense of Control

Collecting facts gives short-term comfort, making us feel like we’re in charge. Holding onto info makes us think we’re taking back control, even if things are still uncertain. Remember, it’s okay not to have all the answers – that’s where life surprises you.

7. Letting it All Go

You see, the ups and downs are what make life interesting. Just like in a good TV show, where there are sad moments alongside the happy ones. The good and the bad, they come together. You won’t fully enjoy the good times if you never go through tough times. Think about it – without eating simple ramen, you wouldn’t appreciate the fancy burgers and special treats.

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