7 Strong Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

Many girls hope to be with a faithful partner, but cheating is a common problem today. Are you here because you’re worried your partner might like someone else? Do you have doubts that he has feelings for another girl? When you’re dating, there can be a lot of uncertainty as you get to know each other. It can be hard to tell if your partner is fully focused on you or if they’re thinking about someone else. If you suspect he’s thinking about another girl while looking at you, it’s time to find out.

Look for these signs below to help you figure things out.

1. He is suddenly less interested in you

This is one of the most clear signs that he might like someone else, not you. When someone has feelings for us, they try really hard to be close to us in every way, like being with us and understanding our feelings. If your guy has suddenly stopped paying attention when you talk or the physical closeness between you two has suddenly stopped, it could be a sign he has feelings for another woman.

2. He suddenly loses time for you

Did your partner use to be there for dinner and spend time with you, but now they’re always busy? If they’re not making time for you and give vague excuses like hanging out with friends or family, it’s a reason to ask why. If it were just friends or family, they’d still make time for you. So, it’s possible they’re thinking about and spending time with someone else instead of you.

3. He stops being open with you

You might be used to talking about everything and sharing your feelings and thoughts openly in your relationship. It should be a place where you feel safe to share. But if he’s started to keep his emotions to himself and things have changed, it might not be good news. He could be sharing his feelings with someone else.

4. There is less physical affection between you

One of the clearest signs that he might like someone else is when there’s a lack of physical closeness between you two. Physical closeness means things like hugging, cuddling, or even being intimate. If he’s not interested in being close physically or has stopped giving you kisses and cuddles, it’s likely because he’s not as into the relationship as before.

5. He does not get jealous with other guys anymore

If he used to be possessive but now he doesn’t seem to care, something might be different. When there’s no jealousy in a relationship, it can mean he’s not as connected or invested in it anymore. If a guy doesn’t get jealous when his partner talks to others, it could mean he’s not as interested in the relationship or has found someone else he likes more.

6. He is always busy with his phone

Does his phone constantly ring and he’s always texting, even during your date night? If he’s being secretive and not answering calls in front of you, it might mean he’s talking to someone else. When you ask about who he’s talking to and he doesn’t give a straight answer or avoids the question, it’s a strong sign that he’s communicating with someone he considers more important and is trying to keep it from you.

7. He begins comparing you to other women

If your partner starts making comments about women on television and compares you to them, it might suggest they have other women on their mind. They could even recommend changes to your appearance, like different outfits or hairstyles. This behavior indicates that they are preoccupied with thoughts about other women, whether they are celebrities or people they know in real life.

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