7 Subtle Ways To Let Him Know That You’re A Master In The Bedroom

A lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets. We all know that you don’t want to make the first move when it comes to seducing a man. As a woman, you just want to sit pretty and drop some subtle hints here and there about where your interests lie. But ultimately, you want to make your men work for you. You want to be the one who acts as the prize that has to be earned. You want to be swept off your feet by a smooth talker who knows just what to say to get you interested. But here’s the thing – how are you supposed to get him to approach you in the first place? You don’t want to be the one who just marches up to him without a game plan.

You’re just going to look sloppy, desperate, and foolish. No. You need a better game plan than that. You can do some very subtle but purposeful things to get a guy to notice you; to actually demand a guy’s attention. Again, you don’t want to be coming off too strong. You don’t want to be someone who is just seen as needy and overeager. And that’s why this article is perfect for you. It’s going to teach you the art of subtlety in your approach to flirting with guys. There are a few very subtle tips and tricks that you can make use of to let him know that you are amazing in the bedroom; and that it would be a great mistake for him to not approach you.

These moves have to be deliberate and purposeful; but they can’t come off that way. You always have to make it seem like its all incidental; that his attraction towards you isn’t something that’s manufactured. It’s all a matter of playing close attention to the little things and making sure that all the details are in order. Okay, enough of the buildup. Here are a few subtle ways to let him know that you’re a real master in the bedroom.

1. Always establish really good eye contact.

Be suggestive with the eyes. You should probably already know by now that you can say so much without having to utter a single word. Even something as simple as looking deep into his eyes will be enough to have his insides crumbling.

2. Be revealing – but not too much.

Be sensual – but also classy. You don’t necessarily have to be naked every time you’re around him just to make him want you. So keep it classy. You can show him a little skin to grab his attention. But don’t give him everything.

3. Show him that you are fit and athletic.

Physical fitness is important when it comes to having great sex. You want to show him that you have the endurance and stamina that it takes to go all night long.

4. Show him that you’re a great dancer.

Conduct yourself with grace and poise. Go dancing with him and show him just how great control you have over your body’s movements – and how that can translate to a great night in the sack.

5. Find an excuse to flaunt that bikini.

Okay. So a previous post said not to show too much skin – but whenever appropriate do so. Find an excuse to go to the beach or hit the hot tub. Show him what he’s missing out on by wearing a really cute bikini.

6. Stretch a lot and show that flexibility.

Any excuse that you can get to show off that amazing range of motion of yours would be great. It’s going to give him a good idea of what to expect in the bedroom with you when it comes to sexual positions. So maybe you might want to consider taking him to a yoga class with you.

7. Touch him in a very gentle manner.

Be very gentle with him. Show him that you can be sensual; but also gentle.


Yes, these are some great tips that you can try out to just get the ball rolling. But at the end of the day, you’re going to have to get to know him; and you’re going to have to find a way to tap into his personal tastes and preferences. The more you know about him, then the better position you are in to seduce him. It’s as simple as that. Remember that intimacy and sensuality are things that can’t necessarily be rushed. It’s always a very slow and meticulous process. But hey, if you play your cards right and the both of you end up having great chemistry, then who knows where the relationship is going to lead, right? Just make sure that you are always putting yourself in the best position to be sensual with him – and everything is bound to fall into place.

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