7 Surprising Facts About Love That You Might Want To Learn More About

Scientists all over the world are always looking to find answers to all of the greatest questions in the universe – even those surrounding love and relationships. And every day, experts all over the world are making substantial strides in the knowledge that they acquire in this field as well.

Most especially recently, scientists have come up with some really surprising facts and conclusions surrounding the phenomenon of love. There are a lot of common myths which have been perpetuated all over the years that have been debunked.

But there is also a lot of new useful information that might prove to be helpful with how we conduct ourselves in our relationships as well. And other times, a bunch of this information will just be a “good to know” kind of deal.

1. A lot really relies on the first kiss.

For instance, did you know that a study that was conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford has shown that perhaps the initial kiss can be used as a metric to gauge the potential of a relationship’s sustainability? As a general rule, kisses are always going to be important when it comes to determining the longevity and strength of a romantic relationship.

2. People who live together for more than two decades develop similar facial features.

Researchers from the University of Michigan recently looked into the phenomenon of the convergence of the physical appearances between spouses. The findings have shown that after 25 years of being together, people can develop similar facial features.

3. The ages of first sexual experiences can predict future relationship success.

Experts from the University of Texas have conducted a study which showed that people who had their first sexual encounters after the age of 19 were more likely to experience having a happy and healthy romantic life in adulthood.

These subjects were shown to be more reliable and dependable in long-term relationships as opposed to those who had sexual encounters at a younger age.

4. Romantic movies can actually help save marriages.

The next time your wife asks you to watch a romantic comedy that you hate, just give it a chance. It might actually help strengthen your marriage.

A 3-year-long study has recently revealed that couples who watched romantic movies together were less likely to get divorced. Experts attribute this to the fact that couples better understand their roles in the relationship as a result of these movies.

5. Seeing a photo of a loved one can reduce the effects of pain on the body.

A study has shown that seeing a picture of a person you love can trigger certain chemicals in the brain that can act as pain relievers for the body. This effect can also be triggered by experiencing the physical touch of a loved one or by experiencing a sexual orgasm. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to seek the comfort of a loved one whenever you have a headache.

6. All modern marriages are going to require self-actualization.

These days, people tend to get married more for “selfish” reasons than for love. Usually, a lot of people are so ambitious in this contemporary age. And they know that being in marriages would help propel them to their goals and dreams because human beings always function better as units than as individuals.

7. Smarter men are less likely to cheat on their women.

A team of researchers at the Saint Louis University have recently discovered that men who had higher IQ levels were less likely to cheat on their partners. This conclusion came about as a result of polls spanning thousands of adults and teenagers. The data was conclusive.

The smarter the man was, the more he valued sexual monogamy and fidelity in the relationship. But when the same study was conducted on women, it didn’t necessarily translate the same way. I.Q. didn’t really have an impact on whether women were prone to cheating or not.


At the end of the day, there is still so much to learn about love and relationships. There is still so much that we don’t understand about romance. And as human beings, we must always make it a point to try to understand more about love every single day. We can do this by actually making an effort to improve ourselves and our relationships. You must always stay humble in your relationship and act as if there is always room for improvement. You want your partner to know that you are always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that your relationship lasts.

You aren’t always going to have all of the answers in love. But at the very least, you should never stop trying to become better. Remember that love is the one thing in this world that is always going to be worth fighting for.

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