7 Things Guys Like to Hear From a Woman

When you’re in a relationship, it feels really good when your partner says things that make you happy and motivated. Just like women, guys also like hearing words of appreciation and validation, but not all women know what those words are. This can sometimes make guys feel like their efforts aren’t noticed just because they’re not hearing the right things. So, if you’re a lady who wants to know what guys like to hear, this article will help you understand what to say to make a guy feel special.

Even if they don’t say it out loud, there are things that guys secretly enjoy hearing. Let’s explore.

1. “I’m proud of you”

Guys really love it when their favorite woman or female friends tell them how proud they are. This usually happens after the guy accomplishes something, and it makes him feel really good. It’s like a boost for his confidence, and it encourages him to work even harder because he knows there are people who believe in him.

2. “I believe in you”

When a guy is feeling down and not very motivated, hearing words of support can really help. If you’re a kind woman, you can tell the guy, “I believe in you.” Those words can mean a lot to him and make him feel more confident. Guys feel really good when they hear these kinds of things, and it makes them appreciate the woman even more. This is also something that guys like to hear in text messages.

3. “You are handsome”

One of the things men really like to hear from women is when they’re told they look handsome. Giving your man a compliment about his looks can mean a lot to him. If he’s looking good, don’t hesitate to let him know. This kind of compliment can make him feel more confident and encourage him to keep looking his best so that his good looks are noticed.

4. “You are different from other guys”

If you say to a guy that he’s just like any other guys, it can hurt his feelings. Even though guys share similarities, no one wants to feel ordinary, especially in a negative way. If you tell a guy he’s unique and different, it can make him feel really good. He’ll be motivated to stand out and show that he’s special, especially for you.

5. “Everything will be fine”

When times are tough, telling a guy that things will be okay can lift his spirits and help him think more clearly. This kind of encouragement allows him to make plans and feel better, because it’s something that guys really appreciate hearing. In general, guys remember women who stand by them during difficult moments, and when they keep hearing that everything will be fine, they’ll always be thankful.

6. “I only want you”

In a relationship, it’s important for partners to say certain things to each other to make the relationship strong. One thing men really like to hear from a woman is, “I only want you.” When a guy hears this, he feels sure that the woman wants to be with him for a long time. It’s something guys really appreciate hearing because it boosts their confidence, knowing that she’s not interested in anyone else.

7. “You make me happy”

Nobody wants to be in a relationship where both partners aren’t happy. If your man makes you happy, tell him how much joy he brings you. Men really like hearing these words because it inspires them to be better partners.

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