7 Things He Does Which Make Him A Controlling Boyfriend

You would be surprised at the number of women in the world who are caught and get stuck in toxic relationships with controlling men. But why is it that so many people get caught in controlling relationships in the first place? Why is it so hard to determine when a person is controlling right at the start so that you don’t get sucked in at all? That’s the thing. It can be so easy to miss the signs early on in a relationship. Remember that when you’re just starting to develop feelings for a person, your emotions can be running high. In fact, your emotions might be able o overpower and overwhelm you.

Your feelings can be so strong to the point that they end up compromising your reason and you’re logic. You end up blinding yourself to the things that you should be keeping an eye out on. Your feelings can cloud your judgment and it can leave you susceptible to the abuse and manipulation of other people who are looking to prey on you. And you can’t have that. You always need to be protecting yourself. You always need to have your own back. You need to make sure that you have all bases covered so that you don’t end up opening yourself up to the abuse of controlling people.

And that all starts with making yourself aware of the signs. You need to be able to spot the red flags in a person before it’s too late. You need to make sure that you are keeping an eye out for these signs early on before you start to actually get invested and attached in your relationship. So what are the signs? What are the red flags? Well, here are a few things that you always need to stay on the lookout for:

1. He comes off as too aggressive and forward.

Even when you’re only just starting to date, he’s already coming off really strong. He is very aggressive and he acts all too familiar with you even when you don’t really know one another. He’s really trying to establish that closeness with you in an inorganic manner. He’s trying to manufacture intimacy between the two of you so that you can trust him.

2. He feels entitled to dictating how you should spend your time.

He gets mad whenever you don’t have time for him. He feels like you should always make yourself available to him whenever he needs you. He acts as if there are no other aspects of your life that you need to attend to. He pretends like he’s the only thing that you need to be devoting your time and attention on. He thinks that you shouldn’t really be wasting your time on things that he doesn’t approve of.

3. He doesn’t have a social life of his own.

He relies on you to be his entire social life. He is placing lot of pressure on you to always be there for him because the truth is that he can’t really turn to anyone else. He doesn’t want you to realize that he can’t get along with other people and so he’s going to control you into being there for him all of the time.

4. He always wants to be updated on your whereabouts.

It’s one thing to have a guy who genuinely cares about you; someone who just wants to make sure that you’re always safe and sound. But it’s another thing to have a guy who wants to know where you are at all times just because he doesn’t trust you. He wants to make sure that you aren’t up to anything bad. He wants to make sure that he is constantly updated on you because he wants to micromanage you.

5. He is very insistent with his charm.

He can be very disarming. He can be very charming. But he does it in a way that manipulates you into doing things that benefit him even when it’s not necessarily good for you. He can be very convincing when it comes to getting you to do exactly what he wants. He charms you into thinking that you don’t have a choice but to just follow his every command.

6. He makes major decisions about your life on your behalf.

He makes major decisions for you. He acts as your brain because he doesn’t respect you enough to acknowledge that you are capable of independent thought.

7. He doesn’t let you hang out with other men.

He doesn’t trust and respect you enough to actually spend time with other men. He doesn’t trust you to be smart and mature enough to actually be friends with other guys. He thinks that he should be the only guy in your life. He feels like he’s entitled to saying who you get to hang out with. He feels like he has he final say with regards to who you should be spending your time with.

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