7 Things He Liked About You Before You Got Together and 6 Things He Hated About You After You Got Together


It’s as simple as this really: Sometimes, the person that you fall in love with doesn’t end up being the person that you thought they would be. That’s the case in this scenario. You had him on a leash before you got together. He fell in love with you and perhaps his love blinded him from all the bad aspects of your personality. He thought you were close to perfect and you had him completely under your spell. But when you got into the relationship, eventually, some of the novelty faded off. And over time, he grew to discover some parts of your personality that maybe he didn’t end up liking too much; some parts of your character maybe he wasn’t necessarily fond of. 

But that’s the thing about relationships. No one is really entitled to anything and you never really know what to expect. And sometimes, even when you’re fairly sure of your expectations, they won’t always turn out the way that you want. And that’s something that you’re just going to have to risk. So if you’re wondering about the stuff about you that he liked, and the parts about you that he hates, then this is the right article for you.

7 Things He Liked Before You Got Together

1. Your weird laugh.

He loves that very unique and distinct laugh that you give off whenever he’s being funny. It’s the kind of laugh that he can really only associate to you. He also likes that he’s able to make you laugh. 

2. Your skills in the kitchen.

He used to love whatever you would cook for him. His favorite idea for date night was a night at your home just eating your deliciously prepared meals even though it would mean that you did all the work. 

3. Your general kindness towards animals.

He used to always love how you would just want to pet every dog that you would encounter during your walks on the street. It would remind him of just how caring and nurturing a person you really are. 

4. Your skills at locking lips.

He used to love the way that you would kiss him. You had your fair share of tricks and he would go crazy for them. He always loved that it was always a new experience whenever the two of you would lock lips. 

5. Your eccentric sense of humor.

He had an unusual affinity for that weird sense of humor that you had. He found that interesting about you and it made him more curious about how your mind truly worked. 

6. Your interesting group of friends.

He used to love how you always surrounded yourself with a very interesting set of companions. Your friends always made him feel welcome and he really loved that you had such a nice support group. 

7. Your tight bikini body.

And of course he used to love the way you looked in a bikini. Whenever you chose to flaunt the most intimate parts of your body at the beach, he always went crazy deep down inside. 

6 Things He Hated After You Got Together

1. Your declining willingness to treat him well.

He hates that you no longer treat him well. Before you got together, you used to wait on him from head to foot. But now, it’s as if you don’t even care anymore.

2. Your overbearing maternal instincts.

He hates how much you’re trying to act like his mother. He hates that you keep on trying to boss him around and you guilt him into doing things that he doesn’t necessarily want to do. 

3. Your willingness to compare him to ex boyfriends.

He hates how you will resort to cheap tactics like comparing him to your ex boyfriends. Before, you would always treat him like the only man in your universe. But now, you make it seem like he’s only a mere option to you. 

4. Your deteriorating sense of personal hygiene.

He hates how you don’t engage in a normal shaving routine for your lady parts anymore. He hates how you don’t feel like you have to make yourself look good for his benefit. He hates how you don’t put in the effort to actually physically attract him to you the way that you used to always do. 

5. Your constant nagging.

He hates the constant nagging. Who wouldn’t? He hates that you have a complaint about everything that he does. He hates that you have an opinion about everything under the sun. Your constant nagging is practically driving him crazy. 

6. Your reluctance to be intimate. 

In the old days, you would always be willing to be physically intimate. But nowadays, he hates that he even hesitates to hold your hand because he’s afraid you might just shove it aside.

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