7 Things Men Do When They Have Strong Romantic Feelings For You

Understanding romantic relationships can sometimes feel like solving a tricky puzzle, especially when it comes to figuring out how men act when they really like someone. While saying “I love you” is important, small things they do can show their feelings too. In this discussion, we’ll talk about seven things guys often do when they have strong feelings for someone.

From spending time with you to showing affection, these signs can help you understand how they feel. So, whether you’re starting a new relationship or just curious about your crush, noticing these hints can help you understand their feelings better.

1. He shows affection

A man who has strong romantic feelings for you won’t shy away from showing affection. Whether it’s holding your hand, giving you hugs, or stealing kisses, he’ll find ways to express his feelings physically. His actions will convey warmth and tenderness towards you.

2. He supports you

A man who cares deeply for you will be your biggest cheerleader. He’ll support you in pursuing your dreams and goals, offering encouragement and guidance along the way. Whether it’s attending your important events or lending a listening ear during tough times, he’ll be there for you unconditionally.

3. He always wants to be close to you

When a man has strong romantic feelings for you, he’ll naturally crave your presence. You’ll notice that he enjoys being near you, whether it’s sitting close together on the couch, walking side by side, or simply standing next to you in a crowd. He’ll find reasons to be near you, cherishing the moments spent in your company.

4. He stares at you a lot

One of the subtle signs that a man is deeply interested in you is his tendency to stare at you. When he looks into your eyes or watches you from across the room with a soft gaze, it’s a clear indication of his admiration and affection. His prolonged stares might convey emotions that words can’t express, revealing the depth of his feelings for you.

5. He remembers the little things

A man who has strong romantic feelings for you pays attention to the details. You’ll notice that he remembers the little things you’ve mentioned, like your favorite flower, the book you’re currently reading, or the way you take your coffee. His ability to recall these small details shows that he’s genuinely interested in getting to know you on a deeper level.

6. He compliments you often

When a man is smitten with you, he’ll shower you with compliments. Whether it’s praising your smile, your intelligence, or your sense of humor, he’ll find reasons to make you feel special. His genuine compliments will boost your confidence and make you feel appreciated and valued in his eyes.

7. He goes out of his way to help you

A man who deeply cares for you will go above and beyond to lend a helping hand. Whether it’s offering to run errands for you, fixing something around your house, or providing emotional support when you’re feeling down, he’ll always be there for you. His willingness to help shows his commitment to your well-being and happiness.

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  1. a young man I met a lifetime ago, showed me many of the signs you have listed. I think that is why he stands out in my memory. We had to part ways after only a few dates. He was in the Navy and I was returning to college. Never saw him again. And never met anyone else that was like that. I think a man like that is very rare.

  2. I have a male friend who shows some of these traits of having romantic feelings for me. However, there are I believe several reasons why he has yet to act on some of these traits fully. He’s a very different kind of guy than I’ve ever known in my life. Can that possibly evolve into a romantic relationship with time?

  3. My man is all of these and more! He has made me feel like a queen! He’s very interested in me and my day and my hobbies and he always compliments me in every way. He is very attentive and loving. He wants to know every thing I’ve done in the day and did I rest and did eat right etc. He tells me how much he loves me daily. He always talks about all the things we are going to do together. I could go on and on about my man. But I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging too much. Just wish every women had a man like mine! It’s been a long time coming for me but I’m content with my life now!
    God bless everyone out there!

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