7 Things That All Men Look For In A Romantic Partner

Good looks really come into play when scouting for potential romantic partners. Men are visual creatures after all and they always like to pursue the things and people that they find pretty.

Men are mostly turned on by good looks. This is especially true in an age where social media reigns supreme. It’s as if people with good looks are being rewarded in the form of likes, social engagements, and even endorsement deals.

There is so much social conditioning that is going on to influence the minds of people on the standards of female beauty.

But you have to know that having good looks might only be enough to grab a man’s attention for the first. It’s not always going to KEEP him interested. That’s different.

It’s not about how you start, it’s always how you are able to maintain the relationship for the long-term. It’s always different whenever you are interested in having a long-lasting romance with someone.

If you’re genuinely interested in finding the love of your life, then you’re going to need to bring a lot more to the table than just your pretty face. You have to know that a person’s looks can fade away over time.

And men are eventually going to get bored of your face no matter how pretty you might be. That’s why you need another trick up your sleeve. You need to have the depth to your personality and your character.

You need to be more than just some guy’s eye candy. Here are a few things that all men tend to look for in romantic partners.

1. Kindness and Mindfulness

Men are always going to want a woman who is kind and thoughtful. You always have to make sure that you stay mindful of his needs, feelings, and emotions.

He is always going to be deeply appreciative of a girl who knows that he is a person who deserves to be given attention and effort for. He will always love a woman who is considerate of his needs and expectations.

2. A Great Sense of Humor

Relationships are always going to be tough. You aren’t always going to have a smooth time in your relationship. You aren’t always going to have things easy.

You are going to go through a lot of stressful stretches. You are going to go through some rough patches. And during those high-pressure moments, it’s important that the two of you are still able to find a reason to laugh together.

3. Self-Awareness and Confidence

A man is always going to find a confident and self-assured woman really attractive. There’s just something so inherently sexy about a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

If you keep letting your insecurities get the best of you, then you might drive him away. It’s not attractive to a man when you are constantly seeking attention and validation from him in your relationship.

4. Responsibility and Maturity

Naturally, it takes two mature individuals in order for a relationship to work. And if you can’t show him that you’re actually mature enough to be with him, then he probably isn’t going to want anything to do with you.

You have to be responsible enough to own up to your actions. And you need to be mature enough to handle the problems and issues in your relationship.

5. Communication and Openness

Of course, he is going to want a woman who exudes openness and honesty. He will not want to have to play mind-reader all of the time with you. You have to show him that you’re willing to let yourself be vulnerable towards him.

You have to be able to show him that you trust him enough to open up to him about the most intimate aspects of your life. If you give him that trust, then it will make it a lot easier for him to trust you.

6. Humility


You are always going to have to be humble. Guys are never going to go for the girls who think that they’re perfect and that they have nothing else to improve on in their lives.

You always have to know that you are a flawed person and you need to be humble enough to accept these flaws. He will love how humble you are because it tells him that you are always willing to acknowledge your faults and that you’re constantly opening yourself up to be better.

7. Patience and Understanding

And lastly, he’s going to want a girl who is always patient and understanding. He will want to be with a woman who understands that he’s going to stumble and fall every so often.

He will want a girl who looks at his imperfections and loves him regardless. He wants a girl who is going to be patient with him; someone who doesn’t make him feel bad for the times he messes up.

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