7 Things That All Women Look For In Relationships

Love doesn’t always have to be so complicated and difficult all of the time. In fact, we all have a tendency to read into love a little too much. Yes, there are many factors and variables to go into making a relationship work. However, we can get distracted by all of the flashes that we end up forgetting about all of the essentials. And that’s what you really have to make sure that you don’t forget about in a relationship.

At the end of the day, here are the essential things that your woman is going to want from your relationship; and you have to be ready to give it to her. Otherwise, she might be feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled in your relationship. And you’re really going to end up driving her away from you if that’s the case.

1. To feel loved.

She is going to want to feel loved – more than anything else. That’s the reason that the two of you are together in the first place, right? You love one another. And if she isn’t going to feel that love from you, she’s going to really question why she’s with you in the first place. She is going to wonder why you’re even in a relationship. You have to remember that it’s not enough that she’s going to get to use you as an outlet for her love. But she’s also going to want to be a receptacle for your love as well. She is going to want to feel the affection you have for her.

2. To feel safe and secure.

When you get into a relationship with someone, you would always want to be in one that makes you feel safe and secure. That’s what you’re going to have to give to her. In life, we all have our fair share of fears and insecurities already. However, when she gets into a relationship, she isn’t going to want to feel scared and insecure anymore. She is going to want to look to you to make her feel safe. She is going to look for you to feel secure. She will want to feel at home with you.

3. To feel present and acknowledged.

There are very few things in this world that are worse than feeling alone even when you’re in a relationship. The reason that you get into a relationship with someone is because you want to be able to manifest your love through companionship. And if you fail to be a genuine companion to her, then you are failing as a boyfriend. It’s not enough that you make yourself physically present around her. You still have to be able to REALLY give her attention. You have to make her feel that she exists as a prominent figure in your life.

4. To be allowed to care for and nurture.

You are probably a strong and independent man who is fully capable of taking care of himself. You probably don’t need to be with a woman for you to get through this life. You are perfectly fine with doing things on your own. However, you should still allow your girl to take care of you when she wants to. That is how she’s going to manifest her love and affection for you. You have to give her an opportunity to really act on her feelings towards you. It’s always nice to feel needed in life. You have to make her feel like she genuinely adds value to your life and she helps make your days easier to bear.

5. To feel sexually wanted and pursued.

Having a healthy and happy sex life is always going to be very important especially in modern relationships. You have to understand that sex is the pinnacle of physical intimacy. And if she feels like she doesn’t really attract you on a sexual level, she might feel like she isn’t being enough for you. She is going to want to feel like you are so aroused by her; and that you don’t take her for granted. She will want you to really pursue her and make her feel like you know that still have to earn her.

6. To feel appreciated and validated.

She will not be looking for any recognition or awards. She will not be looking for special favors or prizes. When she does something nice for you, it is done out of the heart; and she won’t be really expecting anything in return from you. However, she is going to want to feel appreciated and validated. She will want to know that her efforts for you aren’t going to waste; and that you are always so thankful to have her around.

7. To feel like she can really rely on you.

And lastly, she is going to want to be able to depend on you. You have to be able to serve as her rock. You have to be able to show her that she can always count on you to be there for her even when it’s inconvenient for you to do so.

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