7 Things That Strong Women In Relationships Have In Common

It’s the age of the strong and independent woman. 

It’s the age of the strong and independent woman. All around the world, women are starting to gain a voice for themselves. They are starting to prove their worth in a world that has always been dominated by male libido. They make their mark on various industries and they are slowly starting to work their way towards genuine gender equality. But it’s still going to be an uphill climb because a lot of women are still constantly marginalized and made to believe that they are the inferior sex. And so there are plenty of women out there who feel like they have to overcompensate with their own strength. There are so many women out there who have to be doubly strong and dominant to stand up for the weak and the defenseless. And that’s a good thing, and the sooner that people realize that stronger women will always make for a better society, then the better.

Unfortunately, one major roadblock to real gender equality is the culture of misogyny. There are just so many men out there who falsely believe that they are the superior gender. They seem to think that women shouldn’t be getting the idea into their heads that they should be seen as strong and dominant creatures. A lot of men are not only intimidated by these strong women, but they will also find a way to try and demean and discredit the work and value of these women. And as a result, a lot of strong women will find it difficult to get into relationships in general because so many men are just intimidated by them.

Having a strong personality can be incredibly off-putting to a lot of people; especially to those who are just really insecure about who they are. Insecure people will never do well around people who are strong and dominant, and that’s just a fact. Insecure people automatically see strong individuals as threats to their dignity as human beings. And that’s part of the struggle of being a strong and independent woman along with other things.

Here are 7 things that only strong women will have in common.

1. They think that people just always think too slow.

Strong women are often very smart and insightful women. They never allow themselves to become crippled by their own inability to think comprehensively. They are known not only to be women who think wisely, but they also act swiftly. They hate it whenever they are surrounded by people who are indecisive and just unproductive. They like to be surrounded by individuals who are both doers and thinkers. They like to be around people who just know how to get things done.

2. They really hate it when the people they’re with are lazy.

Unproductiveness is always going to be one of the biggest pet peeves of strong and independent women. They find it really important that they only surround themselves with people who are go-getters and achievers. They don’t like having to put up with leeches who are only looking to piggyback off of the work ethic, drive, and motivation of other people.

3. They will rarely ever back down from any challenge or argument.

They will not let anyone with a faulty argument get away with a lapse in logic. They will always make it a point to call people out on their fallacies and their logical lapses. They would also never be ones who are known to shy away from a challenge. They are always willing to find a way to just rise above adversity.  

4. They will always fight for true justice and equality.

A strong and independent woman is always going to be a social justice warrior. They would never want to be seen as inferiors or superiors in any scenario. They always want to promote peace, balance, and harmony in all social situations that they would happen to find themselves in. They aren’t discriminatory and they don’t respond well to condescension.

5. They don’t like to waste their time with negative emotions.

Not to say that they are not emotional beings, it’s just that they would never want emotions (especially negative emotions) to bog them down or hold them back from anything. They would never let their feelings waste their time in any aspect of life.

6. They are very passionate lovers and human beings in general.

Strong and independent women are always going to be passionate. They are passionate because they understand that genuine passion is what is going to drive them to become successful in life. They know that they really need to work hard to get everything that they want. And even though some days, it can get really difficult, they just have to go back to the roots of their passion to drive them forward. Their passion can manifest itself in their romantic life and professional life as well.

7. They really don’t care much about what other people have to say about them.

They are very secure enough in themselves to just not care about what other people might have to say about them. They don’t listen to gossip and they don’t entertain small talk.

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