7 Things To Expect When You Fall In Love Again After Recovering From A Toxic Breakup

How hard was it for you to recover after a toxic relationship?

For a girl to walk into a new relationship after having to endure a toxic one, it can feel like getting a taste of fresh air after being submerged under water for so long. That’s the effect that toxic relationships can have on people. They can make you feel like you are being suffocated; they can make you feel like you are helpless with your situation. It can often feel like you have no way out and you are slowly just going to blank out and run out of oxygen.

Fortunately for you, you found a way out. You managed to muster up the strength that was necessary to call it quits and start life anew. Yes, it must have been scary for you to take a stand. It must have taken a lot of resolve for you to just defend yourself and say that enough is enough. And even after you ended things, the battle wasn’t over. There were plenty of scars that needed to be healed. You needed the time and space to recover and regain your strength. You needed to find yourself again. You needed to learn how to trust again.

And yet here you are on the verge of diving into something new. You know that this is unfamiliar territory, but in a sense, you are okay with it. You wish for something unfamiliar because you don’t ever want to go back to your past experiences. You want something new and refreshing. You want something that is going to reignite your soul and reinvigorate your spirit. You want a fresh new perspective on life and perhaps this relationship could do that for you. Maybe it can serve as the spark that you need to find happiness and joy again.

But still, that lingering fear remains. You are still privy of the possibility that this relationship is just going to be like the one before. You are scared that this man is going to treat you the same way that you used to be treated before. You are afraid of falling back into the waters that nearly drowned you not too long ago. You don’t want to open yourself up to that kind of pain again, but you know that you have to take a risk. You know that you can’t let the toxicity of your previous relationship consume your life. You want to take charge and it starts with opening yourself up again.

But slowly, you start to discover that this relationship isn’t like the previous one at all. Gradually, things in the relationship start to reveal themselves to you; further reassuring you that it’s going to be different this time around. Here are 10 things you can expect when you fall in love again after recovering from a toxic breakup:

1. Your worst expectations are never going to be met.

You are so used to being in a bad relationship atmosphere, and so you expect for things to always be bad. However, all of your negative expectations are never met. Instead, you are exposed to a whole new world of brightness and positivity that you’re not used to. 

2. You will find yourself in a state of doubt and misbelief a little too often.

You won’t believe just how different things are now. You never thought that relationships could look or feel this way and so you still doubt the reality of your situation.

3. You will think about calling it quits before you give him a chance to hurt you.

You don’t want to give him the power anymore and so you think about calling it quits so that he can’t hurt you like the other one did. 

4. You will habitually apologize for things you don’t need to be sorry about.

Ultimately, you decide to keep at it and hope for the better. However, out of habit, you are going to be apologizing a lot because your previous relationship always had you feeling bad and guilty about yourself. 

5. You will question if your damaged soul is going to be enough for him.

You start to see that he’s the real deal and that he’s such a great guy to be with. He treats you in ways that you’ve always want to be treated but you still feel bad. You wonder if your damaged soul is even worthy of the kind of treatment he’s giving you. 

6. You will find yourself gradually giving in to the fact that this is an entirely different relationship.

Slowly, reality starts to dawn on you and you can’t be more thankful than you already are. This is the start of new things, and you’re very excited to see what the future has in store for the both of you. 

7. You will finally understand what it means to be in love with someone who loves you in return.

True love always used to elude you in the past, but it has found you now. And it’s here to stay. 

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