7 things women do in relationships when they are truly secure and happy

If you’ve been dating your girlfriend for some time and you’re not sure if she’s comfortable with the relationship, you might be concerned that you’re not showing enough appreciation or that she’s only staying because it’s convenient.

To understand if your girlfriend is happy and secure in your relationship, look for these 7 positive signs. If you see her doing at least half of these things, it indicates that things are going well.

1. They don’t play mind games

When a woman feels safe in a relationship, she doesn’t play mind games, manipulate emotions, test loyalty, or leave you wondering. You won’t have to chase her, and she won’t ignore your messages or calls. She won’t use the silent treatment to express frustration or get her way. Instead, when she feels loved, she talks openly and shows affection.

2. They give you space

You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you love something, set it free.” When women feel genuinely secure and content in a relationship, they are comfortable giving their partner space. Whether you want to hang out with friends, go on a solo trip, or have some alone time at home, she won’t try to stop you. Of course, she’ll miss you, but deep down, she trusts that you’ll return to her.

3. They respect your boundaries

If your girlfriend crosses a line you’ve set, it’s not a good sign. However, she’ll respect your boundaries if you make her feel like there’s nothing to be concerned about. For instance, if you’re not in the mood for intimacy, she won’t insist. If you’re uncomfortable with public displays of affection, she won’t overly kiss you in front of others. And if you prefer not to share your passwords, she won’t mind. Women who feel loved and secure in a relationship won’t push their partners’ limits just to provoke a reaction.

4. They don’t need constant validation

It’s important to give compliments and express your feelings in a relationship. However, if your girlfriend constantly needs validation, she might not be completely sure about your commitment. There can be exceptions, like if she has low self-esteem or an anxious attachment style, where she needs reassurance. But usually, women who feel truly loved and happy don’t require daily compliments about their appearance or worth.

5. They don’t smother you

Frequent texting, long video calls, and spending lots of time together are common during the honeymoon phase of a relationship when you’re deeply in love. However, if she keeps overwhelming you as the relationship progresses, it could be because she still doesn’t feel completely secure in the relationship.

6. They make long-term plans

You can tell a woman is happy and excited about your relationship when she starts including you in her future plans. For instance, if she invites you to events months ahead, talks about vacations or living together, or asks for your advice on important decisions, it shows she sees a future with you and feels secure in the relationship.

7. They do their own thing

A confident partner includes you in their life while still maintaining their own identity. They have their own interests and spend time with friends even when you’re not together. Your girlfriend understands that she doesn’t need to be always available, as it won’t make you lose interest. It might feel nice when someone cancels their plans to be with you, but if this happens too often, it can be a warning sign in the relationship.

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