7 Things You Never Have To Be Sorry About In A Relationship

Don’t ever apologise for these things!

When you get into a relationship with someone, humility is always going to be a big deal. And part of being humble in a relationship is being able to own up to your personal faults whenever you screw up. You have to be able to say sorry when you know that you’ve fallen short of what is expected of you.

However, there are also some things in your relationship that you don’t really need to apologize for. Here are a few examples of those things:

1. Your personal passions and interests.

You should never have to feel sorry about the fact that you have your personal passions and interests. You have your hobbies. You have the things that you like to do; and you still want to be able to devote some time to doing those things. However, you are in a relationship now, and your partner has taken up a huge bulk of your time.

And that’s okay. But you should both still make it a point to always encourage one another to never lose hold of your individual passions and interests. You should still be able to have a life outside of your relationship.

2. Your curiosity.

You shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting to get to know as much as possible about your partner’s life. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty about being curious especially when it comes to your partner. It’s only natural for the both of you to take a deep and profound interest in one another’s lives.

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That’s the point of getting into a relationship in the first place. You start out as two complete strangers who meet and fall in love. And you do your best to bridge whatever gaps exist between the two of you by getting closer and closer to one another. You get to know each other the best way that you can.

3. Your weird little quirks.

Your weird little quirks are part of what make you who you are and you should never have to apologize for them. This is especially true if your little quirks don’t really harm anyone at all. They’re just innocent little quirks that make you unique and special. And even though others might find these quirks weird, your partner shouldn’t force you to change or get rid of them. Your partner should always be encouraging you to be your truest possible self.

4. Your honest opinion on a matter.

Your truth is your truth – and you can’t apologize for telling the truth. You should only be sorry if you lie to your partner. But if you tell the truth, even when it’s an inconvenient or an uncomfortable one, you should never have to apologize. Your partner should always be encouraging you to be as honest as possible. You should be in a relationship where you are made to feel safe about freely expressing whatever is in your heart and in your mind. You should never be sorry about expressing an honest opinion on anything.

5. Your occasional need for space and solitude.

You are still your own person. Just because you got into a relationship with someone doesn’t mean that you gave up your sense of identity. You should still get to decide how you want to spend your time – even if that means occasionally spending your time away from your relationship. If you request for some occasional space and solitude, your partner should always be willing to respect that. They might not necessarily be happy about it, but they should still be supportive. And you shouldn’t have to apologize for wanting some space and time for yourself. Self-love is very important.

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6. Anything that you didn’t do.

Obviously, you shouldn’t have to apologize for anything that you’re not responsible for. You shouldn’t have to apologize for something that you have only been accused of doing even when there’s no truth behind it. You should only ever really have to own up for the things that you do; and you don’t have to apologize for any rumors and misconceptions that surround you and how you live your life.

7. Your honest mistakes.

And you don’t have to apologize for EVERYTHING in a relationship. Sure, it’s always good if you are humble enough to acknowledge your own personal flaws and shortcomings. It’s good if you have the kind of self-awareness that enables you to know whether you’re screwing up in a relationship.

And it’s really good if you apologize for something whenever you know that you have to own up to it. But you don’t have to apologize for EVERYTHING. You don’t have to ask forgiveness for the faults that you might have which cause no harm to anyone else. These are things that your partner shouldn’t be holding against you anyway.

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