7 Things You Should Know before You Start Dating a Girl with a Dirty Sense of Humour

We cannot really decide who we fall in love with, but as soon as we feel like we are falling, we should make sure we are prepared. Guys, especially, should know what kind of a girl she is before deciding to share their feelings. Every person is different with some qualities that dominate the others and girls, specifically, are known to be very different from one another. Some of them have a mild and calm demeanor, some are rebellious and some of them are all about fun. If your girl is one of them, she may also have a sense of humour that may seem disturbing to you but completely normal to her.

A dirty sense of humour comes naturally; she does not specifically think of a joke about the little ass of a passerby and neither is she a bad person for doing so. She just can’t help it.

If you think you are falling in love with a girl who has a really dirty sense of humour then you need to know some things about her. You need to know what kind of time you will be spending with her and how to get used to the way she is. Here is a list of some things you should know before you start dating a girl with a dirty sense of humour:

1. Do Not Always Expect her to be a Lady:

A dirty sense of humour obviously means she cannot keep the jokes inside. If she sees a big cucumber or a carrot, she WILL say something about it because it is right in front of her. So, we advise men to not always expect your girl to act like a lady if she has a dirty sense of humour.

Chances are that her awesome spontaneity will make you like her even more and it can also get contagious and you might incorporate that sense of humour in your own personality with time. Whatever the case is, always be prepared for these kinds of jokes.

2. She Does Not Care About What Other People Think:

She is completely shameless. It comes naturally and is not forced at all. So before you start falling in love with her, make sure that you do not get offended by jokes she is fond of making. She will have an attitude for people who think her jokes are foul and won’t really pay heed to them because that is how she chooses to live.

3. She is Obviously a Feminist:

She is all for freedom of speech and expression and not at all believes in the domination of any gender. If she has a devil-may-care attitude then quite obviously, she also has a men-and-society-may-care attitude. Mind you, she is not a spoiled brat who likes to misbehave with every person she comes across, but only likes to throw out the relativity of sexual terms and the ongoing conditions jumping inside her brain. Therefore, you will see her fighting if someone ever shames her or calls her thinking gross.

4. She LOVES Bad Jokes:

There will be times when both of you see something funny and you feel like smiling to it, but she will burst the heck out of her lungs laughing on that joke. You may find the joke mild but you have no idea what is going on her head that makes the joke SO funny.

If she sees someone fall she may scream out loud, Oh, I am sorry!, although she had nothing to do with that accident and she will probably laugh about it later. Yep, that’s how much she loves bad jokes.

5. She Uses Laughter to Come Closer:

If you are falling for a girl with a dirty sense of humour, it may be because of her sense of humour itself. She tells jokes all the time and expects everyone to share the laughter. Her fart jokes may make your family regard her sense of humour as crazy but they will also secretly feel open to her. Laughter always brings people closer and she knows that better than anyone.

6. She Loves Audible Varieties:

Screeching of a dragging table, sound of an empty ketchup bottle like it is farting, blowing in her juice with a straw and the sounds of her own bodies are all so greatly valued by her. She would take every chance to make a joke about all these different noises and utilise them as funny metaphors.

7. She Owns All Humour Types:

Her jokes do not always have to be dirty and sexual. They can be about anything ranging from anything to Niagara Falls so, we repeat, be prepared for all kinds of humour. Also, forgive her if she cannot resist making a joke when you lose your job.

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