7 Things You Should Never Say to a Guy over Text

In modern times, relationships often rely on text messages and social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, which are quite convenient. But no matter how many emoticons we use, they can’t replace face-to-face interactions. That’s why there are certain things you should avoid telling a guy over text. It’s better to avoid complications and, in some cases, to show respect.

Here are seven types of texts you should never send to a guy.

“We need to talk”

If you send these words to a man, it might feel like you’ve sent him a message saying, “Our relationship is ending.” Even if he doesn’t interpret it that way, the phrase “We need to talk” sounds very serious and formal. It gives the impression that whatever you want to discuss won’t be a happy conversation.

“Do you really love me?”

Sending this text is not a good idea because it might make you seem too needy or desperate. Guys appreciate having their own space, and they don’t like feeling pressured to say things. If he loves you, he will share his feelings when he’s ready, and he probably won’t do it through a text message.

“It’s over”

Ending a relationship with a text is a big texting mistake. Hearing the news will already be tough if he’s not prepared for it, and a cold and blunt text will only make it worse. It’s best to have a face-to-face conversation when breaking up.

“Are you ignoring me?”

If he’s been ignoring you, chances are he won’t reply even if you ask why. It’s not helpful to keep asking because he’ll likely continue to ignore you. It’s better to let it go and move on.

“I love you” (for the first time)

Never ever say “I love you” for the first time in a text message! Love is something special that deserves a face-to-face talk. It’s a moment to cherish and share directly with your partner, not through a text. So, wait for the right moment and express your feelings in person to make it even more meaningful and memorable.

Screenshots of past conversations

Sending a screenshot of a past conversation might seem like a way to prove your point, but if the issues have already been resolved, it will only bring up unnecessary problems and worsen things. Instead, focus on moving forward positively and openly communicating any current concerns. Trust and understanding are built on looking ahead, not dwelling on the past. Remember, healthy relationships grow stronger through mutual respect and empathy.

Sarcastic messages

Expecting a guy to understand sarcasm over text, where it’s hard to tell if you’re joking or serious, is asking too much. It can easily lead to misunderstandings and confusion. To avoid miscommunication, it’s best to use straightforward language in texts or save sarcasm when you’re talking face-to-face, where tone and expressions can better clarify your intentions. Remember, clear communication is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.

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