7 Timeless Relationship Rules That Never Go Out Of Style

Golden rules.

Just because it’s old doesn’t mean that it won’t work. We live in such a fast-paced world these days where substantial change can happen in the literal blink of an eye. And of course, as human beings, we learn to adapt in an effort to not get left behind. 

As a result, we develop new social rules for ourselves to make sure that we are constantly staying updated. We try our best to stay in the game and so we always look to innovate the way the we act and the way that we think.

However, there are just certain things that don’t change in this world no matter how developed our society can get especially when it comes to love and relationships. Sure, dating is practically revolutionized now with the advent of social media and dating apps. 

But the truth is that there is no replacement for the raw magic that comes attached with personal and intimate connections between two people. No app or piece of technology on earth can possibly match the emotional electricity of being able to touch, hold, and kiss your partner.

So yes, technology can help bridge the gap between some people, but there are still some tried, tested, and trusted relationship rules that everyone must always make a point to practice. Yes, it’s good to evolve and adapt. It’s good to let go of old traditions that don’t work. But there are always going to be some traditions and principles that can withstand the test of time.

And if you’re wondering what kind of traditional dating rules we really still need to be practicing on a consistent basis, then this article is for you. Yes, we have grown so much as a society. Women are gradually starting to be seen as an equal gender whereas men used to always dominate past relationships. That is a great leap and improvement with regards to the relationship dynamics between people. 

Another important leap to take note of is the emergence of LGBTQ couples as well. Every day, there are positive changes that are being made. But we also have to remember that there are some changes we don’t need to make at all.

To further elaborate, here are 7 concrete examples of timeless relationship rules that just never go out of style:

1. Personal conversations are always better done face-to-face than over a phone or computer.

Sure. You can still be in constant communication even though you’re miles apart. And that’s one of the best parts of having technology as a tool. But no piece of technology could ever replace the sensation of being able to stare into your partner’s eyes as they’re sitting across from you on a table.

2. Flowers are always a good idea (regardless of what your gender is).

While the flowers themselves are pretty little things they represent something so much bigger. They represent the color and beauty that you want to add to the life of your partner. They represent the wonders and natural sensations that come with falling in love with one another.

3. Defining the relationship goes a really long way with a person’s emotional security.

There are so many casual relationships out there nowadays that might as well be considered regular friendships. The real relationships are always reserved for those who are brave enough to come to terms with how they feel about each other. Thy are the ones who don’t have to hide behind the veils of fake labels.

4. The little acts of kindness and politeness can go a long way in any relationship.

It doesn’t always have to be all about grand gestures and amazing moments. The best and strongest relationships are always built on the littlest things that are done consistently.

5. The meaningful and personal gifts are always going to be so much better than the expensive ones.

Yes, you could buy your guy the most amazing looking necklace from a high-end jewelry store. Of course, you can get your man the freshest pair of sneakers available on the market. And these are great gifts but they will never be better than the gifts that come from the heart. You can’t put a price on love after all.

6. Social integration between two people is always inevitable with love.

You are going to share your lives together as two people who are in love. And that integration is always going to have to be as seamless as possible if you really want things to work out between the two of you.

7. Minimizing distractions during time spent together can do wonders for emotional connections.

Put the phone away whenever you’re on a date together. Turn off the television when you’re lying in bed together. Just learn to enjoy each other’s company free from any distractions. Be present in the moment that you’re in and be appreciative of the time that you get to spend together.

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