7 Times It’s Better To Let Go Than To Hold On

It’s better to move on than to slowly kill yourself inside.

It’s one of the great tragedies of life: not all relationships are meant to live happily ever after. There are just going to be some romantic unions that aren’t meant to be. No matter how pure or genuine a love can be between two people, the universe is still going to get its way. Relationships can end for an infinite number of possible reasons though. There are just too many complications that take place when it comes to relationships because people are inherently complex beings. 

While the fact remains that plenty of relationships do end, there should be no shame in that. A lot of people will try to force their way through bad relationships because that’s what they’ve always been taught. They are told that when things get hard in a relationship, one shouldn’t just walk away. You should always be able to work through the challenges that come with romantic relationships. If you don’t have the courage to try and make things work, then you just aren’t cut out for relationships at all. However, it can get to a point wherein you are also just prolonging the inevitable. Yes, you should always try your best to make your relationships work. But you should also when to walk away. There are just going to be some relationships that will never work out no matter how hard you try. When you are stuck in relationships like this, you should just be mature about it and end things cordially. The earlier you end your terminal relationship, the sooner the both of you can move on with your lives.

Here are a few instances that will help you figure out whether you should already be moving on in life.

1. You are the only one who keeps getting hurt.

Why would you ever want to remain in a relationship wherein you are the only one who keeps on getting hurt? It’s understandable that people will feel occasional pain or disappointment in a relationship. But when the pain and the hurt is completely one-sided, then there’s definitely something wrong. That’s a sign of an abusive relationship and that isn’t a relationship that’s worth fighting for. 

2. You are the only one who still gives a damn.

A relationship should always be a two-way street. You should always be sharing with your partner various aspects of your life. You share your time with each other. You should both share in the efforts to preserve the relationship. However, if you find yourself being the only one who is still actually fighting for your love, then that means your partner has long checked out. You should probably just do the same and move on. 

3. You aren’t that attached to your partner yet.

When you and your partner are just starting out, and you suddenly see the red flags in your partner, then maybe you should just move on. You don’t want to wait and get attached to your partner before you start thinking about ending things. That’s just going to be more painful and difficult. End things now while you’re not so emotionally invested in the relationship yet. – Continue reading on the next page

4. Your partner starts hanging out with other people.

Never allow yourself to be a mere option in the relationship. You should always be your partner’s priority. If your partner is making himself/herself available to other prospective partners, then that is a blatant sign of disrespect. You shouldn’t be tolerating that kind of behavior. You deserve so much better than someone who just plays around with you like that. 

5. You are ready to move to the next step in the relationship but your partner isn’t.

There’s no point in waiting around for someone who isn’t going to come around. You will just be wasting your time and you will end up being very unhappy. You will blame your partner and the breakup is going to come eventually. Might as well do it now so that the both of you can get along with your individual lives. 

6. The thought of the relationship makes you sad.

Why would you ever want to devote so much of yourself to something that is making you sad? Happiness is always the ultimate goal in life. Relationships are supposed to be filled with endless joy and wonder. Sure, it’s not always going to be smooth sailing when it comes to relationships, but it shouldn’t be perpetual sadness either. You deserve the kind of relationship that brings butterflies to your stomach and puts a smile on your face. 

7. You never feel appreciated or acknowledged.

Stop fighting for a love story that neither acknowledges you nor makes you feel appreciated. You always deserve to be the star of your own love story and yet you never feel like it. Your partner always has to put in the effort to acknowledge your worth in the relationship. When that isn’t the case, then it really isn’t a relationship that’s worth saving. 

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