7 Times You SHOULDN’T Say “I Love You”

You should never be compelled to say “I love you”.

“I love you”. Three little words that have an entire universe of feelings and emotions attached within them. Most people, sadly, use these words without realising how powerful they really are and how it affects someone. Please be careful while saying it, read this article to avoid having any regrets later.

Hold off on saying the three most magically dreaded words in human existence. It takes away from the value of the expression whenever you use it liberally. You need to only use these three words when you’re absolutely sure of it.

You have to confirm that your feelings are real and that the setting is appropriate for the first time you say it. Don’t believe all the love at first sight hullaballoo. Yes, while it may be true for some couples, these are extremely rare cases. You don’t want to scare off a potential mate by declaring your unfounded love at your first meeting.

Sometimes, in order for it to be special, you need to generate a buildup and let your feelings for each other gradually grow over time. You need to make each other excited with anticipation, and finally when the moment does come for you to declare your love, then it will be a most magical and memorable experience for the both of you.

Use these words only when you mean it. Never lie about your love and never take an expression of affection for granted.

You don’t want to be on the receiving end of an untrue declaration of love. Sometimes, you will be caught in situations where you feel like you have to say it. HOLD OFF! Think long and hard first. It can be difficult to tell when the right moment to declare your love would be, but we can guarantee you that it’s not during any of these moments.

Here are 7 times when saying I love you for the first time shouldn’t be an option:

1. You’re drunk.

Alcohol is not your best friend when it comes to romantic gestures. When you say I love you, you always want the first time to be special. You never want it to be done under the influence of alcohol. It takes the sincerity aspect out of the equation and it diminishes the value of what you’re saying.

You want to make sure that all your faculties are in order, and that you have complete control of your own senses for the first time you say these three magical words.

2. You’ve just gotten out of a long-term romance.

You’re vulnerable and you’re feeling sad and broken. You’ve just gotten out of a long-term relationship that didn’t work out for the best. You poured your heart and soul into that romance, but it just never bloomed the way that you want it to. You’re lost because all of your future plans had depended on that relationship and now you’re left at a crossroads.

Of course you want to hitch your wagon to the first speedster that comes along but you have to resist that temptation. It’s okay to start dating again whenever you feel like you’re ready, but it’s probably not best to be saying I love you so soon after you just ended a serious relationship with another person.

3. He has just gotten out of a long-term romance.

Similar to the previous item. He’s not ready for it. Don’t burden him with your early declarations of love. If he’s just newly single, then let him take the time to heal before you start trying to break down his emotional reserves.

4. He’s recently gone through a tragic experience.

It can be difficult to deal with tragic experiences like family problems, career failures, or deaths. That’s why when you find that your man is still trying to recover from these traumatic experiences, it’s probably best you hold off on declaring your love for him. He might think that you’re only doing it out of pity and that you don’t really mean it. Let him grieve and let him heal before you start telling him that you love him.

5. You’ve just started your relationship.

Things are just starting out in your relationship and you’re only just beginning to get to know each other more. It would be rather foolish to romantically attach yourself so deeply for someone you rarely know. You don’t go around saying you love people you don’t have any real attachments with. You have to spend lots of time with a person before you know for sure that you love him.

6. You have wrong expectations about your romantic declaration.

When you do say I love you for the first time, make sure that there aren’t any expectations attached to it. Hopefully he will say that he loves you back but you shouldn’t really be expecting anything more than that. Don’t expect any dramatic life changes on his part.

Don’t expect any drastic changes to the dynamics of your relationships. Expectations can lead to disappointment; and when you say I love you to someone, they shouldn’t come with conditions or expectations in the first place.

7. You feel compelled to say it.

You should never feel obligated to declare your love. When you say I love you for the first time, it should always come from intrinsic motivation. You should only get to say it because you want to, not because you have to.

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