7 Unfortunate Signs She is Only Pretending to Love You

Are you dating a girl, but you have doubts about whether her love for you is sincere? It can be really painful to love someone who doesn’t love you back. It’s even worse if you think the person you love is just pretending to love you.

In this article, I’ll tell you about 7 signs that show she’s not really in love with you. I hope that it turns out you’re mistaken.

1. She ignores your feelings

The biggest sign that her love may not be real is that she doesn’t really care about how you feel. She’s more interested in improving her life and doesn’t pay attention to what you need or want. She acts like she cares about your feelings when it’s convenient for her, but when you’re feeling down and need support, she’s not there for you. She’s only in the relationship for what she can get from it, not for a genuine connection.

2. She seems bored when you are together

If you’ve been dating for a while, and she doesn’t seem happy when you’re together, it might mean she doesn’t really love you. When people truly love someone, they want to be with them all the time, even when things are tough. They enjoy spending time together. But if she only shows up when it’s easy for her and doesn’t look happy to see you, she might not be as interested in you as you are in her.

3. She doesn’t show her love for you

If she doesn’t tell you how she really feels, she might not love you. Women often share their feelings, especially with someone they love. If she’s not telling you what’s in her heart, it could mean she is uncomfortable being open with you. When a girl truly loves someone, she wants to be able to talk about her feelings honestly and openly with that person.

4. She is not interested in your life

If she doesn’t seem curious about your life, she might not really care about you. Women usually like to know all about the person they love. If a woman loves you, she’ll ask questions about your life and be genuinely interested in what you have to say. But if she hardly ever asks about your life and only asks simple questions like “how was your day,” it means she might not be very interested in getting to know you better.

5. She doesn’t value the small gestures you make for her

She believes you’ll always help her, so she doesn’t say thanks when you do something nice. She just thinks it should happen. She doesn’t say “thank you” often. This means she might not really see how much you do for her. When a woman truly loves you, she’ll make sure to show you how much she appreciates it when you do something special for her.

6. She isn’t affectionate in public

If she doesn’t show affection in public, she might not really like you. Women tend to be more loving with the men they care about. If she’s in love with you, she’ll hug you, hold your hand, and be close to you when you’re in public. If she’s not affectionate like this, she might not be that interested in you. Sometimes, if she’s pretending to love you, she might be flirting with other guys and doesn’t want them to see you together. If you suspect this, it’s important to have an honest conversation with her about how you both feel.

7. She’s not interested in taking the relationship to a more serious level

If a girl wants to keep things casual, it’s likely she doesn’t see a serious future with you. Girls who prefer casual relationships often want to have fun and excitement with multiple people and aren’t looking to settle down with just one person. If a girl is into “playing the field” and seeing other guys while claiming to love you, it might not be genuine love. She may not be satisfied with just one person and is always looking for the next guy who seems more interesting or attractive than the current one.

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