7 Unique Qualities That Women Bring Into Relationships

Whether you’ve been dating for only a couple of weeks or you’ve been in a longtime marriage with someone, there are some very unique traits and qualities that each gender brings to the table. Each of these distinct qualities can either prove to be beneficial or detrimental for a relationship, and that’s why you are always going to want to try to focus on the positive as much as you can. Men and women are opposite genders for a reason. It’s because each distinct flavor that both genders bring to the table creates a perfect symphony that makes the relationship as beautiful as it should be. It would be very boring, predictable, and unfulfilling if the two of you were virtually the same person. You wouldn’t be able to complement one another well if you only had the same strengths and weaknesses after all.

That is why you should never be afraid of bringing your own individuality into the relationship. You should never be afraid of being unique in your own right. You should be your true and genuine self because that’s the only way you can build trust and intimacy in your relationship.

So what is it exactly that women bring to the table when it comes to relationships? Well, read on to find out.

1. They bring compassion and empathy.

A woman is the one who is going to bring a lot of compassion, empathy, and sensitivity to the relationship. Remember that women tend to be the ones who are more in touch with how they feel as compared to men. That’s why women tend to be more sensitive. They are the ones who understand what kinds of struggles that other people might be going through at any given moment. They never shy away from embracing their feelings.

2. They bring a lot of intuition.

A woman just tends to be more in touch with her intuition as compared to men. It’s not really all that easy to explain why. for instance, women are typically better a figuring out when people are being dishonest with them or not. A woman is always going to be able to sense how you’re truly feeling without you telling her about it. A woman is typically able to figure out what her child or baby needs even when they are incapable of communicating.

3. They bring a certain kind of endurance despite adversity.

A woman faces so much more adversity in life compared to men. There’s just no denying that it’s a patriarchal society. There is no denying that these days, women have to go through so many struggles and hurdles that men don’t typically have to go through. And that’s why when women are faced with everyday adversity, they always exhibit a certain kind of endurance that a lot of men don’t have. Where men would typically just get crushed underneath all of the pressure, girls would shine.

4. They bring a nurturing and maternal attitude to the relationship.

Never underestimate the gravity of a girl’s maternal instincts. She is always going to be the one in the relationship who is going to be doing a lot of the nurturing. She’s going to be taking care of you a lot more than you taking care of her. It just comes naturally to her. She’s going to be more hands-on with making sure that your well-being is never compromised in any way, shape, or form.

5. They bring a lot of emotional and physical support.

Girls always tend to be the more supportive gender. Men are often touted as the go-getters in the relationship. They are often branded as the ones who are pressured to succeed and garner achievements in life. That’s why they aren’t typically used to supporting other people because they are so used to just always thinking about themselves. But women are different. Women are always up for supporting the people around them even when they have their own goals and dreams to think about.

6. They bring a lot of beauty into the relationship.

A woman is beautiful. She is going to be the one who is going to inject a lot of grace, class, and poise into your relationship. She’s going to be the one who is going to bring a lot of beauty to your romance.

7. They bring humility to your romance.

A woman is going to be humble enough to swallow her own ego and set aside her own needs for the sake of her man and the relationship. She’s going to be the one in the relationship who is going to make a lot of sacrifices without any fuss. She’s going to be the one in the relationship who is going to be willing to meet you halfway all of the time; she’s the one who would always be so willing to compromise and find some middle ground with you.

  1. I laughed out loud on these. A real man would NOT get crushed by challenges. That is a thing men bring to a relationship .

    In my experience woman need the support of the man when they are struggling with emotional challenges.

    I looked up this topic out of curiosity. Because I have started to come to the conclusion that besides a pretty face, modern woman don’t bring a man any value in relationships.

    I’m sure some do. But most just expect all these things from us men. But aren’t delivering and value themselves.

  2. None of these things are unique to a woman
    Intuition that one made me laugh out loud
    Adversity men go to war
    Other than someone to always wants to eat out at restaurants, someone that’s gonna call you every day update you on worthless stuff and someone for sex; not much more they bring to the table. They’re usually not funny, and they usually won’t educate you.

  3. This article was infuriating, that is until I read the two comments above.
    I can assure you that after 42 years of marriage, raising two daughters (both married), that the statements above are total hogwash. In my experience women love to say things like this to each other and to themselves to maintain the delusion.

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