7 unmistakable signs you’re being cheated on

Are you being cheated on?

Welcome to the dark side of relationships, being cheated on. Let’s face it, all of us have been through it at least once in our lives. We come across people who end up traumatising us forever, who leave us to fend for ourselves and to get through it on our own, we are left with nothing but pain and suffering until we completely move on (which takes a lot of time). Just like you, I’ve also been cheated on. I’ve been cheated on five times in my life (you think I’d learn to judge people better by now) and now I’m kind of self-sufficient when it comes to the healing process. But the first time I got cheated on, that was just something else, I was depressed for around six months and I stopped meeting my friends and going out, it was a pretty tough time for me but I got out of it eventually (life goes on).

So, in light of the dark traumas people go through, I’m going to list down 7 signs, unmistakable signs that tell you you’re being cheated on. But one disclaimer before I go on, do NOT take this list to heart if all of the points don’t match, you will end up being paranoid, take this list lightly. Let’s begin.

7. They are always eager to fight

If your partner has been fighting more than usual, if they seem to get ticked off by the smallest of things, if they seem to be happily available for every argument, it’s most likely that you’re being cheated on. This happens when someone is guilty of something they did, they tend to protect themselves at the slightest sign of being caught or anywhere remotely close to it, so they end up lashing out at the smallest of things.

6. They hide their phone from you

Now I’m not saying that you need to start going through their phone, I’m saying they’ll start hiding their phone from you themselves. When two people are transparent with each other, material things like phones etc. become pretty meaningless. My phone is always just sitting there in front of my girlfriend, the same case goes for her, because we have nothing to hide from each other. We don’t randomly get texts or calls from someone who we have to hide from each other, which leads to a more comfortable and happy relationship. The moment they start hiding their phone from you is the very moment they’re keeping something inside. But still, don’t snoop and spy, whatever has to come out will come out on its own eventually. Karma.

5. They avoid eye contact

It takes a lot of emotions to look into someone’s eyes and just keep looking without a worry in the world. When someone is guilty, they tend to not make eye contact because it reminds them of their mistakes and makes them feel weak and overpowered. A liar will never make proper eye contact with you, it’s because they’re ashamed of their actions and don’t want their eyes to tell the truth. In a very (very!) few cases, people avoid eye contact because they’re shy or are trying to surprise you, but again, it’s only in a VERY few cases, usually people are trying to hide something.

4. You feel a distance building up

If they’re cheating on you, you’re slowly going to feel a distance build up between the two of you. This is because a liar will never find true peace with anyone unless he/she confesses to it, and most people don’t confess but end up being caught in the end. When I first got cheated on, I did feel this distance build up and I had no idea why it was happening. She just wasn’t treating me the same way, our conversations started getting really bland and straight to the point, our hang outs were usually filled with silence and so forth. This was because she did something wrong and just couldn’t be the same with me anymore.

3. They try to be “too nice” to you

If your partner suddenly becomes a little too nice to you, you better have a proper heart to heart conversation to find out where it’s coming from. I’m not saying people can’t be “too nice” to each other when they’re in love, but there’s a difference between being too nice and being fake, liars are so bad at this that it’s very easy to spot it when they’re faking being nice.

2. More mood swings

A person is bound to have anxiety and mood swings when they try to hide something from someone they love. If you start noticing your partner having more mood swings than usual, you need to have a talk with them to make sure nothing in particular is bothering them.

1. They keep asking for a breakup in every fight

If your partner suddenly starts asking for breakups after every little argument, it kind of points to the fact that they want the “easy way out” and they don’t want to be caught. When someone makes a mistake, it takes a lot of strength and courage to actually own up to it, most people would rather run away than admit anything.

Have you been cheated on?

I want to know if you’ve gone through this, did I miss any signs? Please share your experiences in the comments below. As always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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