7 Things Narcissists Do To Manipulate And Abuse You

Don’t let yourself get brainwashed.

‘We all have a certain negative connotation attached to our mind with the word narcissist’. And we assume that if we ever came across one, we wouldn’t even give them a second look, let alone allow them to be a constant part of our lives. However, in reality, it’s not always easy to identify someone as being a narcissist. And in some cases, even when we’ve identified someone close to us as one, we’re just not ready to accept it.

One of the main traits of a narcissist is selfishness. All their words and actions seem to be motivated only by what they think is most beneficial for them, not what they think is beneficial for everyone around them. And no matter how hard you try or how much love and affection you give them, it’s unlikely that you will ever be able to change them.

If you have to keep your physical, emotional, and mental well-being intact, then it is essential for you to remain far away from such people. The narcissist tends to employ very clever but hurtful tactics with the people around them. If you suspect that someone around you is acting this way, then look out for these 7 warning signs:

1. Aggression

Psychologists have been trying to research the specific traits and characteristics associated with narcissistic personalities for a long time now. And their results have revealed a strong association of narcissists with behaviors related to verbal and physical aggression, as well as the inability to control their emotions and feelings. While physical aggression is very easy to identify, some forms of psychological aggression are not as easily understood but still cause much harm to the people facing it.

These include threats, intimidation or making someone feel scared, condescending language or tone, withholding financial, physical, or emotional support, trying to control someone’s behavior, and pressurizing someone into things they don’t want to do. If you have been facing any of this with someone close to you, realize your worth and try to get out of this relationship safely. You deserve better than this!

2. Projection

If you ever feel like they’re acting weird or accuse them of doing something wrong, they reflect on it only to start blaming you for their behavior. They start projecting their wrong traits and characteristics on you because they perceive themselves as flawless.

3. Brainwashing

Have you been doing things that you really didn’t believe in just because your partner keeps convincing you it’s right? Then this is just another form of manipulation known as brainwashing. You’re not sure how they do it but they always get you to obey every single one of their commands, even when it’s not at all that you want.

4. Making you feel worthless

In the beginning, they might have made it seem like you’re everything they ever wanted in life, but now it just seems like they hate the very things that they once loved most about you. Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with you. You haven’t decayed into becoming a bad version of your own self. This is just the narcissist’s way of making you believe that you need to be better than you are, that you’re not enough for them, and that you need to keep thinking of new ways to please them.

5. Shaming

Do you feel like your partner is always making fun of anything you say and anything you do? Do they start putting you down when you’re at a party? Do they tell you that you need to wear better clothes and maybe a little less makeup? Do they trivialize your achievements and keep focusing on your flaws? This is only because belittling the people around them and making them feel less valuable is the only way a narcissist can make themselves feel good.

6. Playing the victim

I can’t ever win from you. Yeah, it’s probably all my fault again. Why can’t you ever love me just the way I am? These are just some phrases a narcissist will use to manipulate you into thinking that they’re innocent, that they need to be consoled, and that it’s all your fault for bringing any issue up with them. If they keep playing the victim, don’t fall into their trap. And don’t back down from getting things done your way.

7. Monopolizing every conversation:

A narcissist always wants to make everything about them, so don’t feel shocked when you realize they weren’t listening to a word you said for the past hour. Not only will they ignore the things you have to say or cut you off when you’re speaking, but they will also try their best to ensure they always remain the topic of everyone’s discussions.

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  1. I’m in a relationship with a narcissist right now and the hardest thing is to walk away… I’ve been experiencing all 7 signs for 5 years. He manipulates me verbally abuse me and at 1 time he physically abused me. He supports me financially and now he’s withholding that from me, I just want the courage to walk away. He even make up stories in his head and accuse me, he planted spy cameras in my house an when I found out he said I’m calling up his name and telling people he’s spying on me, he never admitted that he planted the cameras… it’s so much to say but I jus want to walk away and don’t look back… help me please!!!

  2. I am in such situation. Married to a narcissist and its 2 years in this suffocating relationship. Need help as i am at a position were i am getting anxiety and fear attacks.

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