7 Ways A Married Man Acts When Attracted He’s To Another Woman

He’s already in a serious relationship with someone else. It could be a long-term marriage or a newer commitment, but he’s taken and not available. Yet, it seems like he’s acting flirty with you. If you’re uncertain whether you’re reading into things or if there’s something beyond just friendliness in his behavior, be attentive.

Here are some indications that a married man is interested in another woman, specifically you.

1. He lets his guard down when it’s just the two of you

He behaves strictly professional or friendly when you’re around others, but when it’s just you two, he becomes a different person. His whole attitude changes and he appears more at ease. His body language shifts, he talks more openly, and he gets physically closer. Why didn’t he act this way in a group? Because he’s aware it’s not right – that’s the reason.

2. He wants to know all about your love life

If a married man shows a lot of interest in your love life – asking about who you’re dating and what you’re looking for in a partner – there’s a good chance he’s attracted to you. While friends can talk about dating, if he’s really focused on this topic, it might mean something more is going on.

3. He talks about his wife with you

You might believe that when a guy discusses his wife with you, it suggests there’s no romantic interest. However, that’s not always true. If he complains about his wife or relationship, and talks about uncertainty in his commitment, pay attention. He might subtly indicate his unhappiness and openness to something beyond his current relationship.

4. He doesn’t talk about his wife with you

On the other hand, a married man who avoids discussing his wife might be trying to hide the fact that he’s already in a committed relationship. If he never brings her up or swiftly changes the subject whenever she’s mentioned around you, it’s probably intentional.

5. He makes jokes about you two being together

Sure, a joke now and then about you two being a great pair or how you’re so similar you should be a couple can be funny once. But if it happens a lot, there could be more meaning behind it. Jokes often come from a bit of truth, so be careful – he might be hinting that he wants something more than just friendship with you.

6. He pays extra attention and compliments

When a married man is interested in another woman, he often pays her extra attention. So, if he gives compliments about your looks, accomplishments, or even your character. These compliments could be more than what he says to others. It’s his way of showing admiration and trying to leave a special impression on you.

7. He finds reasons to spend time together

If a married man is attracted to you, he’ll seek opportunities to be around you. He might suggest working on projects together, going out for lunch or coffee breaks, or attending social events as a pair.

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