7 Ways That Kissing Can Be Good For Your Health And Body

Kissing is great for a multitude of reasons. For one, it’s one of the most basic and effective ways to express your intimacy and affection with someone who is special to you. Another great benefit of kissing is that it often leads to the ultimate act of physical intimacy: sex.

And sex is a good thing in a relationship. But these are the most obvious benefits of kissing. Did you know that there are some less obvious ones? There are a lot of ways that kissing can actually be beneficial to your health and overall physical well-being. It’s not just an emotional act that carries emotional weight. It can be great for your physical health as well.

And this is all proven by science too! Here are a few ways in which kissing can be good for your health and body. Kissing can help lessen your chances of getting cavities.

Okay, so swapping saliva with your partner isn’t exactly going to be like gargling with mouthwash. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be doing your teeth any good! When you kiss your partner, you are essentially swapping saliva with one another. And the world’s leading dentists have already proven that a surplus of saliva in the mouth can actually help build tooth enamel – and that can help break down oral plaque.

So for a healthier mouth, lock lips with your partner often. Your dentist is going to be happy with the results.
Kissing can help burn calories. There are many ways in which kissing can help contribute to fat burn and weight loss.

For one, it requires a lot of energy to engage your facial muscles when you’re locked in a long make-out session with your partner. The energy required to sustain a long kissing session alone would be enough to burn a lot of calories compared to when the body is at rest. On op of that, kissing can actually help increase your heart rate – and when you have an increased heart rate, your body is burning fat more efficiently.

Kissing can help strengthen your body’s immune system. Okay, on surface level, you might assume that kissing can actually weaken your immune system. You are essentially exchanging so many germs and bacteria with your partner when you’re exchanging saliva. So that would mean that your immune system is being attacked, right?

But the truth is that you’re actually building your tolerance and your immunity more and more when you welcome these “germs” into your body. You’re teaching your immune system to be more receptive of foreign agents, and as a result, it strengthens itself.

Kissing can help lower the stress levels in your life. Well, of course kissing can lower the stress levels in your life. That shouldn’t be a secret at this point. But if you’re really interested in the nuances of it, then here it goes. Kissing can help lower stress because there is a sense of comfort and calmness that overtakes you when you’re kissing the person you love.

You get to really just get closer with the person dearest to you; and as a result, you feel more secure and safer in your love for one another. You are also able to forget about all of your worries and troubles for a little while.

Kissing can help lower a body’s blood pressure levels. Whenever kissing can get really exciting, then it’s going to increase your heartrate. It’s almost like you’re giving your mouth a workout and all of that excitement is going to lead to an increased heartrate. So all of that extra cardiovascular activity is going to help improve your heart. To add on to that, kissing has been proven to actually help in dilating your body’s blood vessels – therefor blood flow becomes more efficient and smooth. Kissing can help with pain relief.

Do you ever remember as a child wherein you would be just running around all the time and you would get occasional scrapes on your knees or elbows when you fall down as you’re playing games? When that happens, you automatically run to your parents and they give you a kind of kiss on the part where it hurts – and you somehow feel better. That’s the kind of psychological effect that kissing can have on a person who is experiencing pain. A lot of it has to do with the feel-good chemicals and endorphins in the body that are released when a kiss takes place.

Kissing can trigger the happy hormones in your body.
Your love hormones are your happy hormones. It’s science. Love is always going to chemically happy vibes within a human being. And when you’re expressing your love for one another through kissing, then you are always going to be making each other happier. Kissing is always an act of pleasure after all.

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