7 Ways To Come Off As A Nice Guy Instead Of A Creep When Approaching Women

Boys, just rid yourselves of the idea that there is a fool-proof formula to landing any girl that you want.

Boys, just rid yourselves of the idea that there is a fool-proof formula to landing any girl that you want. It’s never going to be as simple as following a structure of steps like you would with a cookbook recipe. There are so many factors that go into attraction and romance. It’s not just about what you do, how you act, or what you look like. You also have to take into consideration the context of it all. Sometimes, you could be doing all the right things but luck might just not be on your side.

Now given that there is really no surefire way to win over a girl’s heart, there are certainly some surefire ways to make her want to run away from you as fast as she possibly can. There are just some things that guys do without knowing that they’re making a girl want to turn her insides out. Know that knowledge is power, and the more you know about things NOT to do when you want to approach a girl, then the better luck you’re going to have in your dating life. It’s all about putting yourself in a position to succeed, and you certainly aren’t going to do that by being a total creep. Here are some ways you can avoid creeping out girls with how you approach them.

1. Say sorry for bothering her when she’s doing something.

These days, it’s very rare for you to encounter a person who isn’t in a rush or who doesn’t have anything planned. Everyone is trying to get to a certain place at a certain time throughout various points of the day. That is why if you happen to spot a girl who you are interested in, always try to make sure that she isn’t doing something that requires her full attention. For example, it would be stupid for you to approach a girl who is on the phone with someone else. And when you do muster the courage to approach a girl, apologize immediately for stealing some of her time. She will appreciate that gesture from you right away.

2. Give her your name before you bring up a topic of conversation.

A great way for you to get her to lower her defenses and make her feel a little more comfortable with you is if you give her your name right away. There’s something about giving a person your name that makes them feel like they can trust you even if it’s just a little bit. It also happens to be a gesture that humanizes you in her eyes and it establishes somewhat of an emotional connection between the two of you.– Continue reading on the next page

3. Ask her for her name before you start giving her your lines.

Surely, you have your share of practiced lines that you use on girls you first meet. These lines might be questions, compliments, or leads into various topics of conversation. For when you first meet a girl, it is important that you keep these lines at bay and always lead with asking for her name first. It will make her feel respected and it will allow her to trust your intentions more. Another bittersweet benefit of asking for her name immediately is that if she refuses to give you her name, you will know right away that you don’t have a shot with her and you best move on.

4. Introduce yourself to her with a prim and proper handshake.

Handshakes are personal, and yet, they aren’t over-the-top. They are a perfectly acceptable way for strangers to greet each other on a friendly level without things getting weird. Meeting people for the first time can be a very awkward experience, and awkward greetings like hugs or kisses on the cheeks can only worsen the situation. Keep things casual, but don’t act so cold. If you refuse to offer your hand for a shake, then you will come off as distant and impersonal.

5. Don’t flatter her with physical compliments right off the bat.

Immediate compliments are creepy. Don’t tell her how pretty she is or how nice you think her body looks. That will surely creep her out. Instead, you can try complimenting her with tools from the context of the setting that you’re in. For example, if you’re at the gym, you can compliment her having a great workout. If you find her reading alone in a caf, you can compliment her on her choice of literature.– Continue reading on the next page

6. Ask her nicely, not forcefully.

Don’t ever compel her into being interested in you. Ask her nicely if she would offer you her number or go out on a date with you. Don’t just automatically believe that you are entitled to her entertaining your advances. You need to earn her trust in a gentlemanly manner. Remember that you are already taking much of her time with your advances, and so you need to be sensitive of how she’s feeling about the situation.

7. Don’t force the issue.

If she says no, then it’s a no. Just walk away and live to love another day. It would be foolish of you to try to force yourself into things that just aren’t meant for you.

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