7 Ways to maintain intimacy in a long-distance relationship

Long-distance relationships are not meant for everyone. The reason being, not all of us are comfortable with the distance. We cannot imagine a relationship without being able to see our partner frequently. I won’t say that being in such a relationship is a walk in the park, however it isn’t impossible either. If you and your partner are willing to make it work, then there are quite a few ways to do so.

Intimacy becomes an issue in long-distance relationships and it bothers almost everyone who is a part of such relationships. Here are a couple of ways you could keep the intimacy alive in such situations:

  1. Visit often

Try seeing each other as often as possible. This might be difficult considering your work, routines and other commitments. But you have to prioritise your commitment to your relationship as well. So take out whatever time you can and visit them. It’s a good thing to plan ahead but a little surprise every now and then will be welcomed too. And remember quality time is what matters. So even if you can’t stay long enough, make sure you make the most of your stay.

  1. Take out time to talk to each other, daily!

Communication is important in every relationship, and is tricky as well. It could be more complicated when you’re miles apart. But try taking out time for each other every day. Have video chats whenever it’s possible. Send photos every now and then.

It’s not just about reminding them that they are on your mind but you should also focus on getting to know what’s going on in their life. You could share the same with them. The visual communication kind of keeps the familiarity intact and feels more personal.

  1. Do stuff together, even when apart

You could set up calls where you watch the same movies, or games or shows. If you’re both gaming fans, you could play together online. If you’re going someplace new, you could have them on a video call and show them too. You could even have dates like that. People tend to do a lot of things of the sort, so get creative and go with what works for you.

  1. Send each other presents

Who doesn’t love presents! (Especially if they are exactly what you want) It’s even better if the present signifies something. Surprise them with something they vaguely mentioned they would want. This way not only do they get what they like; it’d also show them that you listen to them. The presents would serve as reminders of you as well.

  1. Fantasise!

Not being physically intimate most of the time shouldn’t keep you from fantasising. You could imagine all sorts of things you’d like to do with them, and maybe even talk about it with them. And when you have the chance, you could actually live out your fantasies. It only makes everything more exciting.

  1. Appreciate whatever they try to do for you

Be happy with the little things they do for you. Understand that it’s equally difficult for them to manage the relationship as it is for you. Acknowledge all their efforts. Unlike the movies, you can’t expect huge gestures, so be content with their way of showing love and affection.

  1. Trust them blindly

Just because they are friends with people from the opposite doesn’t mean you should feel insecure. Don’t let jealousy get the better of you. Trust them completely. You wouldn’t want them doubting you in this regard, so extend them the same courtesy.

Even when you’re trying really hard to make it work, at times nothing ever seems enough. Just push yourself through these times. Remind yourself of how amazing your partner is, and that they’re absolutely worth the effort, despite the distance. Look forward to when you get to see them and make memories that’d last a lifetime. Focus on how the time spent apart can make the time spent together exponentially better.

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