7 Ways To Maintain The “Honeymoon Feeling” In A Long Marriage

A strong and healthy marriage is always going to be one that all relationships should aspire to have. It doesn’t matter how long you might have been together or how old you are. You always want to be maintaining the strength and passion in your relationship as a couple.

When you are able to maintain high spirits in your marriage, you will be the envy of so many couples who pay witness to your love. But more importantly, it will become a lot easier for you to deal with the everyday tasks surrounding daily life that might deter you from achieving full happiness in this life.

And in order for you to have a happy and healthy marriage, you have to make sure that it’s the both of you who are exerting the effort in your relationship. You have to both make sure that it’s a team effort; that it’s the both of you giving your all to make your marriage work.

In the honeymoon phase of a marriage (which, as studies show, rarely ever lasts more than a year), couples tend to focus most of their attention on their partners in the relationship.

They never really imagine any points in their life wherein their attention becomes divided. They assume that they are always going to make their marriage the number one priority in life. This is what is often referred to as the “incubation” period wherein both the man and woman are filled with boundless optimism, energy, and spontaneity.

It’s a very enthusiastic time for two people to be in love. There are so many things to be excited about and so many things to be thankful for as well.

Now, continue to move on deeper into the marriage. Fast-forward into the not so distant future. The both of you are going to get jobs and you’re probably going to be busy as you try to build your careers from the ground-up.

You might have a couple of kids by this time. And you’re going t have a house or home of your own that might need a little sprucing up here and there. It’s not the most romantic sight because you both are preoccupied with other things.

And that’s when you realize that you no longer really regard your relationship in the same manner that you used to. And this is when you need to fight even harder to recapture that old feeling.

And how exactly do you go about that? Well, it all starts with you actually developing the resolve to strengthen your relationship and bring it back to its roots.

You need to be able to rid yourself of any foolish delusions you might have about love. It’s not like the movies wherein problems just seem to sort themselves out on their own.

You have to be willing to do your part in making sure that your relationship is a happy and sexy one. You need to be the one who is investing yourself in making sure that your relationship continues to thrive.

And you can’t exactly do that with a single grand gesture or so. You can’t really just expect that a few big acts are going to fix everything. It’s about the little things that you do on a consistent basis that will help take your relationship to where it needs to be.

Here are 7 simple and easy ways that you can help maintain the honeymoon feeling in a long marriage with your spouse.

1. Have a special dinner every once in a while.

Go out and have a nice dinner at a fancy place. Have some wine. Eat some good food. Bond and talk to one another.

2. Spend an entire Sunday just lounging at home while watching movies or reading books.

Just chill out and spend the day together as a couple. Block out the outside world for a little bit.

3. Go for a weekend out where it’s just the two of you.

Or if you have a more adventurous personality, you might want to ESCAPE all of the noise and distractions by going on a trip.

4. Give each other surprises.

Surprises are fun. They keep things interesting and exciting in the relationship.

5. Look at old pictures and reminisce old memories.

Sometimes, one of the best ways to get back to your roots is to remind yourself of where you used to be.

6. Have some physical fun.

And when we say physical fun, we mean the kind that’s only suitable for the bedroom.

7. Do something different that challenges the both of you.

Always learn and grow with each other as a couple. Challenge yourselves to work on something together so that you have a chance to bond and connect.

Final Thoughts

If you try to take a look at the ideas that are listed here, they all have one common factor: they all require effort and planning. You should know that a marriage is never going to last if you just take each other for granted.

The both of you have to show a certain sense of mindfulness and generosity in your relationship. You both really need to COMMIT to one another AND your marriage. It’s really about the little things too; the simple things that you do on a habitual basis. These are the things that help make your relationship atmosphere a happy and healthy one.

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