7 Ways To Make Sure Your Next Relationship Ends Up Being Your Last

Gotta make sure this one works out ?

The love you’ve been waiting for.

Heartbreak after heartbreak. Disappointment after disappointment. Have you had enough? Are you just about ready to give up on love? Do you want to leave all your relationships behind in the wind and just live a life of solitude? Have all the accumulated pain and heartache from previous relationships just done you in?

You shouldn’t give up just yet. Love is something that we must all continue to believe in no matter what. We should never stop trying to look for the love that we think we deserve. We are all worthy of love, and it’s going to come eventually. We just need to be patient and we just need to start making better decisions.

Use your failed relationships in the past to help you learn more about yourself. Discover more about what you’re looking for in a partner and in a relationship. Try to think about the things that you did in the past that may have contributed to your failures in love and avoid them in the future.

Yes, love is always a tricky business. It is never as easy as they make it seem to be in the movies or in those fairytale books. Love is a lot more complex than just two people helplessly falling for one another. There are too many factors that just go into play with relationships and we need to stay on top of our game to make sure that love actually lasts.

Life is a constant lesson. With each failure is an opportunity for growth and development. We need to learn from the mistakes of the past so that we can move on to have a much brighter future. This also applies in love. We have to learn how to lick our wounds and mend our broken hearts until we finally find the love that is right for us. Here are a few ways that you can actually make sure that your next relationship is also going to be the last one.

1. Don’t rush into anything.

You should never just be jumping into relationships whenever you please. You don’t dive into relationships as a quick fix to a broken heart or to loneliness. The one thing you have to learn about love in relationships is that you can never force it. It’s going to be beyond your control a lot of the time and you should accept that.

Just let yourself fall in love when the time right. Take things organically as they come. Don’t feel pressured to fall in love with someone just because you want to.  Do everything in its proper time.

2. Take each stage in the relationship as they come.

Acknowledge that there are multiple stages in every relationship. Relationships are always evolving and the people who fail to evolve are those who won’t last in love. As you grow older in your relationship with one another, your needs and your expectations may also change. You need to be able to adjust to each other as your progress through the various stages of your relationship.

3. Set reasonable goals and expectations as a couple.

The one thing that you should do right at the start of the relationship is that you openly communicate your goals and expectations with each other. Are you both looking for something serious and long-term? Do you want something that is stable? Do you want a relationship with great potential? Do you want to start a family in the future? These are things that you need to be able to know about each other early on in the relationship.

4. Learn to let go of any hate that is in your heart.

Release any emotional baggage from previous failed relationships. Your hate will only consume you and it will emanate from your face. You don’t want to exude any negative energy in your new love affairs. You always want a fresh start and so you must not have any grudges.

5. Always respect the boundaries in a relationship.

You have to acknowledge that you are in a relationship with a human being. This human being is deserving of your respect. And if you want to preserve the harmony in your relationship, you must always learn to respect one another. Learn to value each other’s opinions and never do anything to undermine the dignity of your partner.

6. Communicate with each other as often as possible.

Communication is a very important aspect of any relationship. There are no relationships in the world that can survive without effective communication. The best kinds of couples are always willing to converse with one another. They are the couples who are ready to face the difficult discussions.

They are the ones who are very open about their feelings and their expectations. They are the ones who create open lines of communication at all times for their partners.

7. Always be sure that you are committed to each other.

Commitment is the name of the game. You can’t expect to earn the love that you deserve without committing to it. Make sure that both of you are putting all of your eggs into this basket. Yes, it’s a risk, but love is always going to be a risk that’s worth taking.

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