7 Ways To Make Your Hookup Miss You Badly

make your hookup miss you

Sometimes, a hookup isn’t just a hookup. Admit it. There are times wherein you want it to be something more. And during those times, you wish of ways to make your hookup miss you so that maybe you have a shot at having something more with them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. You might be dreaming up of different ways on how to make your hookup miss you. But you might also be too scared to employ some of these tactics towards your hookup.

Well, the first thing you have to realize with taking a chance on a hookup is that you have very little to lose. Think about it. The fact that you’re just a hookup means that you both have a very minimal emotional attachment to one another. What that entails is that you don’t have much to work in the first place. However, with this kind of relatively blank slate, you have so much to gain. You just have to make sure that you’re doing all of the right things and putting on the right moves.

Going from Hookup to Girlfriend

It all started as harmless and casual fun, right? You didn’t intend for things to get so hot and heavy. After all, that’s the nature of the hookup. There is minimal attachment there. You don’t want to obsess over the emotionality of it all. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, something inside of you decided to up the ante. You wanted something more.

But how do you make that transition? How do you make that change? You know that you’re just going to end up complicating things by rocking the boat. However, you also know that you wouldn’t be happy or content if you just leave things the way that they are. It’s all so unfortunate. Or is it? There is a way for you to take things to the next level. As you make your way through this article, you will learn all about the secrets of transitioning from a hookup to a girlfriend with just a few easy steps.

1. Learn About What He’s Looking For

You can always subtly fish around for what he’s looking for in a woman. Based on that, you can then see if you have an actual shot at getting with him.

2. Allow Yourself to Be More Emotional and Open

If you’re just going to keep things purely physical all of the time, then there’s no way that your hookup is going to evolve into anything more substantial. Keep in mind that a real relationship requires you to be emotionally and mentally connected as well. You can’t do this if all of your encounters are revolving around your physical connection.

3. Expose Them to Different Aspects of Your Life

Maybe you have a better shot at getting him to like you if you expose him to other aspects of your life. Show him that you’re more than just a hot bod. Let him know that you’re a person of depth and substance as well.

4. Go Out on a Real Date

Go out on a real date. Don’t be content with just meeting up late at night for hookups at your apartments. Ask him if he wants to sit down with you over coffee or dinner. This way, you’re connecting in another intimate capacity.

5. Don’t Act Entitled

Remember that you’re not together yet. You’re not in a real relationship. So, there is nothing good to be gained from acting as if you’re already a real couple. This is only going to piss him off and turn him off towards you.

6. Maintain Your Independence

Make sure that you maintain your independence. If you’re only just hooking up, likely, he doesn’t want any girls to be clinging onto him. Given that, it’s essential that you still show him that you aren’t clingy or dependent at all.

7. Broach the Idea of Being in a Real Relationship with Him

Lastly, just try broaching the idea of getting into a real relationship with him. Be honest. You would be surprised. It’s possible that he feels the same way. You just never know until you take that shot.

Final Thoughts

Remember that just because things start as a hookup doesn’t mean that it always has to stay that way, You still have the power to take things to a higher level if you want. It’s just a matter of you deciding on doing so. Also, there has to be some real chemistry between the two of you that transcends physical boundaries.

You have a shot with just about anyone you meet. Just make sure that you’re putting on the right moves so that you’re always in the best position to succeed.

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