7 Ways You Can Express Your Love For Your Girl Without Using Words

#2: You ignore your phone whenever you’re spending time together.

Haven’t you ever tried telling your amazing partner just how much you love her and then you still end up feeling like it’s not enough? You feel like you should be able to do more than just tell her that you love her. She’s an amazing gal and you would never want to make her feel like you don’t value or appreciate you. She has the power to make you feel things that no other person on the face of this earth possibly could. You consistently tell her that you love her and yet there’s always this nagging feeling at the back of your head telling you that there’s more to be done; telling you that you have to prove your love for her beyond typical words.

Remember that love is more than just a word. It’s not a usual object that you could reach out and grab. It’s not something that you could quantify or validate. It’s not really something that you could measure with tangible data. It’s something so bizarrely abstract to us as human beings, and yet, it feels perfectly natural to love. It’s natural enough for us to allow it to flow through our veins and manifest itself through our words and our gestures. We can’t afford to box ourselves in with our expressions of love. We must always make an effort to be creative with how we choose to convey our affection for our significant other. You can’t just expect your girl to be content with hearing about how much you love her on a daily basis. You actually have to make her feel it; to make her experience it. Love is more than just something that a person senses. It’s something that a person really immerses one’s self in.

So create an immersive loving environment for your partner by practicing a few of the tips that are listed on here. You may not be the most eloquent guy on the block but you don’t really have to be. You only need to be genuine, sincere, and hardworking when it comes to expressing your love for your girl. You just really have to put in the effort and invest yourself in making your girl feel like she’s the luckiest lady on the planet. Here are a few ways that you can express your love for your girlfriend without having to say it.

1. You help her out with her chores.

It’s the new age. Be a modern man. Don’t succumb to the primitive thinking that only ladies should do household chores. You both share the property. You share the living space. It’s as much your responsibility to take care of your home as it is hers. Help her out by cleaning the dishes and doing the laundry every so often.

2. You ignore your phone whenever you’re spending time together.

Your eyes shouldn’t be on your phone screen, it should be on her eyes. Your attention shouldn’t be on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds, it should be on what she’s trying to tell you. Put your phone away for date night and give her your undivided attention.

3. You hold her hand when you’re walking in public.

It’s a very simple gesture that is time-tested, trusted, and effective. It can serve as a symbolic gesture that you treat your girl as your partner and that you’re always ready to take on life as long as you’re walking hand-in-hand with each other.

4. You push her towards her goals and dreams.

If she’s an ambitious and driven lady who dreams big, then you shouldn’t be looking to tame or suppress her. Always make it a point to allow her the space to pursue her passions. Help her out whenever she stumbles. Push her whenever she needs some motivation. Be her biggest cheerleader and watch as she conquers the world with you at her side.

5. You make an effort to really listen to her.

Communication is very important in any relationship. But it’s not enough that you do all the talking. You also have to make the effort to actually listen and understand what she wants to tell you. Make it a point to make mental notes of the things she wants you to hear and understand. You can’t be selfish when it comes to communication. It’s a two-way street.

6. You cook for her.

Food is therapeutic. There are very few things in the world that a good meal can’t fix. Show her just how much you love her by putting some effort into your dinner plans. Man that apron and take command of the kitchen. Fire up the stove and cook something nice for your girl. Date night would be so much sweeter if you actually make all the food from scratch.

7. You thank her for everything that she is and does.

Let her know that you appreciate her. Let her know that you value her presence in her life. It’s not enough that you tell her that she’s loved. You have to make her understand that her being in your life is not something that you would ever take for granted.

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