7 Ways Your Body is Showing You You’re in The Wrong Relationship

You know what? Sometimes we don’t really listen to our bodies, and that’s not great. Even when our bodies are sending clear signals, our stubborn minds can ignore them. It’s essential to get better at paying attention to what our bodies are saying because we could be missing important stuff.

Here are a few subtle but powerful ways that your body is really telling you that you’re in a relationship with the wrong person.

1. You rarely ever smile anymore

If you find yourself smiling less than before, it could mean you’re not as happy as you used to be. In a romantic relationship, it’s normal to have ups and downs, but your overall happiness with life should be positive. If you’re consistently unhappy, it might be a sign that your relationship isn’t the right fit for you.

2. You feel like your self-esteem is really low

A good relationship should boost your confidence and make you feel proud. It should help you become more comfortable with yourself. However, if your insecurities and anxieties are sky-high because of your relationship, that’s a significant warning sign.

3. You’ll start to feel lonely

If your romantic relationship is unhealthy, it can affect your social life. This might happen because you’re investing too much time and effort into fixing the relationship or because your partner has influenced you to distance yourself from friends. It can make you feel very lonely, and even a romantic partner can’t fix that. It’s hard but important to keep your friendships.

4. You don’t really prioritize self-care as much as you should

Self-care is something that is always going to be important regardless of whether you are single or not. But if you are neglecting your self-care as a result of your relationship, then something is wrong. That means that you are prioritizing your relationship over your own sense of well-being. And that’s never healthy.

5. You try so hard to convince yourself that things are fine

You shouldn’t have to work so hard to convince yourself that the relationship is worth it. It should be something you naturally feel deep inside. If you find yourself constantly trying to convince yourself that everything is fine, it’s a serious issue.

5. You feel like you’re stuck in a routine you desperately want to escape

You get the sense that you’re stuck in a kind of black hole that you really want to escape from. You are in a kind of routine and it really does nothing positive for you anymore. You know that you want to get out of it. So why don’t you? It’s clearly making you unhappy.

6. You get irritated and annoyed by your partner a lot of the time.

And lastly, you’re in a perpetual bad mood. You feel like you’re so easily irritated these days. And it’s all because you hate the feeling that you get whenever you spend time with your partner. It’s time to cut those ties.

7. Your gut knows better than you think

It’s a good idea to listen to your gut feelings in relationships because many people who have been through psychological abuse have a feeling that something was wrong with their partner from the start. They might not have liked the person much at first but tried to ignore it, and that’s when the problems started. Even if someone seems charming, sometimes deep down, you might feel like they’re not right for you.

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  1. I can agree with these 8 things your body is saying things are not right. Also another is your appearance starts to unravel and self care becomes hard to do id it is done at all. Toxic relationships are just that Toxic! They destroy you from the inside out and you have to have a support system to help pull you through the wreckage. My best advice is get yourself a support system talking to your friends family or whoever you can trust and rely on. I was in a horrible narcissistic relationship and didn’t even know what was happening to me until I almost lost my life. Thank God I pulled through due to my family Now I am better and healing everyday it has been two years. Look at the signs and listen to your gut!!
    To the writer of this Check your numbers. You have 5 twice. Just thought I would let you know. Have a great day!

  2. I am there……now……I look like I’ve aged…..I am reduced to a housewife my independence stripped.
    I am leaving, i need to face him, look him in the eye, gather every last bit of strength and confidence in taking my power back and say goodbye so he can see that I’m not broken just had enough.

    Making arrangements, a plan is necessary to ensure I dont fall pray to housewife needy mode….. in 7days I walk out of prison with my power love strength but I will walk tall…..and he must witness this so he sees I am not as weak as I appeared and I can walk away grateful for the lessons I take with me.

    1. I also feel you’re writing about me and I don’t understand how I got here. I used to see myself as a strong and independent woman and I still am in other ways but not in this relationship. The signs were there from the beginning and I ignored them though my friends saw them. During the last months I’ve seen the patterns and I understand that it’s a toxic relationship and I have to get out. It’s going to be hard because I feel I’ve been broken down but its the only way or I will feel even worse.

  3. Relationships always get to a boring stage, takes work to make a marriage last a lifetime. Many outside stresses can cause a person to feel stuck. Ending a relationship because it feels like a routine and boring isn’t right in my opinion, no wonder people go from relationship to relationship and continue to chase the same outcome. Put effort in, prioritize, do things fun, thank your partner for even the smallest efforts. Change up sex, do new things etc. Any marriage (excluding abusive) can be great.

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