8 Body Language Signs That Your Man Is Truly In Love With You

There is always an endless sense of frustration over women just trying to get their men to open up to them about their feelings. A lot of the time, women will feel lost in their own relationships because of the modern man’s reluctance to just open up about how he feels. And if you’re a woman, then you might actually be familiar with that struggle. Not all women are going to be blessed with men who would voluntarily just open up about how they feel.

However, you shouldn’t take that to mean that you’re never going to know how a guy feels about you unless he opens up. There is always a way to tell whether he’s truly in love with you or not. And it all lies in being able to read his body language.

The thing that you have to realize about men is that they might not be so skilled as verbal communicators, but they are always going to be communicating how they feel in the form of actions – whether they intended to or not. You would definitely be able to know if he loves you based on the way that he acts around you. And that’s a good thing. Actions speak louder than words, as they say.

So, how can you tell if your man really does love you? Well, just try to seek out the following signs. If he’s guilty of acting in this manner, then it’s likely that you’ve really gotten a good hold of his heart:

1. He tries to make you laugh a lot.

He is constantly trying to make you laugh. He sends out a lot of zingers and witty jokes here and there just to lighten the mood a little bit. He does this because he wants you to feel comfortable whenever you are around him. He wants you to just feel like you can let loose and be yourself.

2. He looks you straight in the eyes when you’re talking.

He wants you to feel his sincerity and his honesty. He is allowing you to take a long hard look into his soul whenever he maintains eye contact with you during conversations. He wants you to feel like you are always able to trust that what he’s saying to you is real and genuine. He never wants to give you any reason to doubt him.

3. He smiles a lot more whenever you’re around.

Whenever you’re around him, do you notice him be smiling a lot more? If he’s constantly smiling, then that’s probably a sign that he’s just a happy guy or that he really likes you. He genuinely enjoys the company that you give him and that’s why he’s always smiling whenever you spend time together.

4. He is always looking towards your direction even when you’re in a group setting.

If you happen to be in a large group, you can be stimulated by the words and actions of so many people. But if he seems to be focusing a lot of his attention on you instead of others, it goes to show that he’s very much interested in you.

5. He takes on a few of your catchphrases and mannerisms.

Not a lot of people know this but we tend to subconsciously emulate the people we admire most in the world. That’s why if you notice that he’s starting to borrow a lot of your catchphrases and mannerisms, then it’s a sign that he has immense admiration for you as a human being.

6. He holds your hand whenever you’re walking alongside each other.

This gesture is telling of two things: for one, it means that he’s very much comfortable with you and he doesn’t mind displaying his physical affection towards you. And two, it means that he wants you to be able to feel a sense of safety and security whenever you are with him.

7. He gets really playful with you.

Try to think about the times that the two of you are just sitting down and spending time with one another. Does he occasionally play around with your hair or nudge you ever so slightly? If he does, then that is a clear sign that he’s into you. A man only typically does that with a woman he feels completely comfortable with; a woman he has established a sense of familiarity with.

8. He raises his eyebrows whenever he sees you.

“If he likes you and he likes what he sees as soon as he sees you, he wants more of you and soon the aperture of his eyes increases, making his eyebrows raise,” says Patti Wood, a body language expert, and specialist. So, the next time you walk into a room that you know he is in, try to spot for his eyebrows. If he’s raising them as he sees you, then you know that that is always a good sign.

  1. What if he shows all the signs that he loves you. You date for 7 months. You feel like it’s much stronger than in the beginning. Then you catch him lying to you to cover up the fact he has changed his mind about plans you’ve made to spend time together. After he leaves you write him a text message calling him out. He thumbs up your message and then nothing. Ghost.

  2. Doesn’t sound good at all. I was with a chronic liar and it was constant craziness. Sometimes a person will not show you their true self until a certain amount of time passes, that way you’ve already established an attachment. Maybe this was a one time thing but I hope not, it can lead to a lot of heartbreak. Wishing the best for you.

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