8 Common Reasons Why Modern Relationships Don’t Last

Modern relationships suffer a great deal.

Relationships have the potential to be quite troublesome nowadays. They have just grown to be infinitely more complex and complicated as they used to be back in the day. There are plenty of couples who fail to adapt to the dynamic nature of modern relationships, and they always end up finding themselves caught in a downward spiral to romantic nothingness. Of course, looking back, it can be easy to spot the problematic points of a relationship and come up with solutions even though it’s too late for any of them to mean anything. Back in the old days, it was so easy for people to just fall in love, get together, form a family, and grow old together. There were less distractions and so there were also less complications. But as society developed and as the human race has progressed into the modern era, problems have also learned to develop into something more. There are just so many things to take into consideration when forming loving relationships these days and as a result, plenty of things get lost in the pandemonium.

The times have changed and those who fail to adapt fail to survive. That’s the law of nature at least that’s one thing that has remained constant. It’s also true that the need for people to find constant companionship in a special and significant other hasn’t changed. In fact the needs to find a stable partnership with someone else has somewhat increased in a troublesome world. However, what that also means is that a lot of people end up settling for relationships that aren’t meant for them at all.

And well, it’s no secret that relationships are ending more frequently now than ever before. Why is that? Isn’t it a natural wonder? Why is it important for us to know? Well, it’s important for you to know and understand the common reasons why relationships end so that you can use this knowledge to proactively prevent these reasons from igniting the destruction of your relationship. Here are the most common reasons as to why common relationships come to an end.

1. Social media can act as a double-edged sword.

While social media has managed to bridge the gap between so many people by offering alternate platforms for communication, it has also destroyed many relationships. You should be very careful with the comments that you make and the photos that you like on social media. You would be surprised at how many times social media activities have caused trouble in the relationship.

2. The process of courtship isn’t as prominent as it used to be.

In the old days, boys and girls used to take courtship very seriously. A man would really have to try his best to earn the affections of a woman. He would do this by doing things for her and taking her out on dates. He would typically also have to earn the respect of the girl’s parents. But nowadays, things are a little more casual in peoples’ approaches to relationships.

3. There are just too many temptations everywhere a person turns.

It’s so easy to cheat and be unfaithful these days. It’s so easy to engage in third-party relations. But unfortunately, in this age of information, it’s also incredibly easy to get caught being unfaithful as well. It’s so hard to sneak around and lie these days and so cheaters rarely ever get away with their infidelity.

4. Young people just have too many trust issues these days.

People just have a difficult time with trust nowadays. Every relationship is always going to have to be built on a healthy dose of mutual trust and respect. But nowadays, people are more guarded than they are trusting. They would rather protect themselves than open themselves up and be vulnerable in a relationship.

5. Having kids acts as a precedent to actually establishing commitment.

Too many kids are having kids even though they don’t really commit themselves to the idea of being in a relationship all the more with the idea of being actual parents. The stress of parenthood can drive a very significant wedge between partners with weak emotional bonds.

6. People are just generally more selfish nowadays.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Too many youngsters are just choosing to focus on their education and their careers these days. They are too busy focusing on their own lives and building a secure future for themselves, they don’t really have the time to engage in romantic ventures anymore.

7. The economy puts too much strain on relationships in this age.

Relationships cost money. And these days in these trying times, money is hard to come by. People would much rather invest their money in themselves than in relationships for the sake of fiscal security.

8. Commitment isn’t such a popular trend among the youngsters.

And lastly, people are just generally not fond of commitment these days. There are just too many distractions and things to consider before a person can really commit to anything even a relationship.

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  1. 9. People care what others think of them too much.

    Relationships are like a game of chess: you make a turn and receive a reaction to your turn by her turn. You react to her turn and make yours. And so on while death (or Facebook) breaks us apart. In reality, when your wife sees you not as a person but more as another toaster, microwave or washing machine and a husband is just a role in a family rather than a person, it’s painful. Plus you can’t trust that person especially when in addition to that, she is attempting to be attractive to everybody BUT you both in public and by advertising herself in social media like a weenie on an internet store. Plus helping others at your expense. Seeing and experiencing things like that makes me think about how much I invest myself in the relationship very seriously because I don’t want to build a skyscraper on a styrofoam foundation. It is bound to fall apart. On the other hand, show me a woman who doesn’t have a mindset “What’s yours is ours, what’s mine is mine”. Relationships are more of a threat, especially these days, than something that may (or may not) make you happy. Adding that a current significant other is in most cases just a bus stop between the ex and the more sophisticated one because there are LOTS of them on all facebooks instagrams and other poop like that (If my ears start heating up, I’ll know that someone is reading that part of my comment) it makes the situation even worse. And while others say that social media is all OK and it’s good to advertise oneself like that, please, people, tell me what it is done for if not to find or to be found? Though people in relationships theoretically shouldn’t even be looking.

  2. ‘U make a turn’ you already built the first storey on that Styrofoam base. 😅
    Relationship is not a game of chess.
    It’s a team playing football where all members do their part to reach the goal securing the ball from opposite league.

  3. And after all the flumadiddle chaos you created, NOW you want to talk to me directly? And that too, question to me “why do you call?” Haha…another act of spine. I should call you? Why should I? You respected me in any level? Did I come looking for you?

  4. >Would you have come looking for me if your marital life was OK?
    >If table turned and I was creating mayhem around your peaceful life, how would you react?

    Signing off.

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